The Power Hour



Let’s talk POWER HOUR!!!  This is the basic duties of your job as an Independent Consultant.  Typically it’s just the first four things (Booking, Recruiting, Host Coaching, and Follow Up) but I’ve adding Sponsoring on the bottom for those who are building a team.  Recruiting and actually Sponsoring are quite different! 😉

So, what’s a Power Hour??  A Power Hour is an hour of dedicated and focused time that you set aside to work your business.  You will spend approximately 15 minutes on FOUR of the elements of a Power Hour.  So 15 minutes you will put your “Booking Cap” on and ONLY focus on bookings…and so on.

So Bookings – what do I do in that 15 minutes??  You are going to go through your List of 100 and ASK for the booking!  You are going to hear a LOT of no’s but do not be discouraged.  The goal of asking is to also tell as many people as you can about your new business and the products that you offer.  You never know who is going to want or need what you have to offer!!  So tell everyone.  This doesn’t have to be pushy, or salesy, or icky!!  DON’T make it that way!  Simply showing off your nails will usually prompt questions about it!!  A lot of us use social media for building and maintaining relationships with our customers, so you can use Private Messaging as an avenue, but be careful that you don’t come across as a robot or alienating your friends.  There is a right way to inform the people you know about what you are doing! 😉

What about Recruiting?  Spend 15 minutes with your “Recruiting” hat on and ONLY focus on recruiting.  It could be reaching out and asking people if they are interested in the business.  It could be following up with past recruit leads who said maybe or “not right now” to see if the timing is right.  It could be planting seeds with your hostesses about our Kit Credit!!

Host Coaching – again only focus on host coaching during it’s 15 minutes.  If you have NO hosts to coach, spend an extra 15 minutes on bookings!!!

Follow up!!  15 minutes totally dedicated to follow up with make you feel like you have a hold on your business!!  Don’t feel overwhelmed by only doing this once every couple of months!!  Small increments of focused work will leave you feeling refreshed and productive!!

Sponsoring – take 15 minutes to only reach out to your team that you have sponsored!!  I usually do short check ins via PM.  If it’s the beginning of the month, ask what their goals are and check in with them weekly!

I highly recommend planning at least 3 Power Hours per week!  This is going to greatly enhance your time management and feelings of being overwhelmed.  Take CONTROL of your business and don’t let yourself get to the point where you feel like a chicken with your head cut off!!!  Power Hours plan your time for focused and intentional working that will get you results!!!  DO NOT have FB open if you can help it!  We all know how easy it is to fall down that rabbit hole! 😉

Power Hours are especially great for those consultants who also work full time jobs or lead very busy lives.  With Power Hours ANYONE can work this business like a boss!!! 🙂


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