Launch Your Business


A launch party is an opportunity for you to share your new business venture with your friends and family (your “warm market”). By doing this, you will be getting your business off the ground and essentially launched into new bookings, potential recruits and party sales! Being able to share your business with as many people possible at the same time creates excitement, saves time and helps you build a customer base quickly. Do not leave this step out!

When to launch? You should set a date for your launch party AS SOON AS YOU PURCHASE YOUR KIT. Don’t delay or wait for your kit to arrive to start your launch party. It is imperative that you launch your business right away, so that your friends and family will genuinely feel your excitement! When they feel your excitement, they will be excited too. If you wait too long and that initial burst of energy you get from starting your business wears off, it will be noticeable. Being excited is the number one quality of a successful consultant.

How to prepare: Make sure you know as much as possible about our products before your launch. Take a little time to go through our products 101 courses located inyour workstation through Jamberry University. In going through the “First Five Steps” that our team has adopted, you should have chosen an auto poster for your online parties. Prepare your launch by using one of the party scripts provided on our team page. MAKE SURE you do not copy and paste the content provided. That is meant to be a starting point on what to post with each image. Best practice is to re word each post in your own words so that it sounds like you. Be genuine…..that’s my number one piece of advice. Your friends and family will know that the posts don’t sound like you and it will feel salesy and yucky. 😉

Should I do a home party too? YES, if you can. Having a 2nd portion of your launch as an in home event (you as the hostess) is a GREAT idea! Make it fun, give it a theme and let your girls know that they can come over for a free Jamberry mani to test out the product. Let them do an accent nail on each hand (1 sample) and paint the rest with regular nail polish (you can even have them bring their own nail polish). Show them how to apply by demonstrating on yourself (along with removal process) and then have them apply their own sample.

What’s the basic structure of ALL parties? Greet your guests, do an opening talk (tell them about your new business and a little about yourself), give a presentation/demonstration, give a booking talk, plant recruiting seeds and help guests with their shopping experience. Lots of socialization (for online, think fun games!) and then one on one time with each guest as they check out (this is optional for online – you can have people PM you their order instead of having them place it by themselves on your website). They key is FUN and customer service. So think about what things you’d like to incorporate into your parties. Remember, online parties can utilize video or live streaming to mimic an in home party.

Why is a launch party so important? It introduces your business to your market, it builds your confidence, it earns you back your investment (at a $350 party!), it leads to more bookings (SUPER IMPORTANT! This is the LAUNCH!), aids in recruiting, builds your client base and helps you start to earn your Fast Start rewards.

When should I try and book parties? NOW. Your first two parties are yours! Your online launch and your in home launch. Book your 2nd two parties should be booked before your launch even happens. Jam U talks about your list of 100…you should start down that list and find friends or family who are willing to support you and host a party to help you get your business started. If someone is unable to make it to either of your launch parties, ask them to help you out by hosting one of your first parties. Your 3rd two parties come from your launch parties. Booking parties from parties (during your “booking talk” or booking games online) is one of the most important things you’ll do. By keeping your bookings going, you’ll never run out of parties and keep your calendar full. Many people put all of their emphasis on sales, and as much as that is exciting, getting bookings and having someone join you is going to create a sustainable business.

How does all of this help me and my business? The greatest benefit of holding six parties within your first 30 days is that youare starting your business on a firm foundation. You earn money RIGHT AWAY, get the practice you need and create MOMENTUM.

Three main reasons people decide to host a party: 1. Fun 2. Free and Discounted Products 3.Help a Friend. It’s important to have some goals for each party you do. A party is considered a home run when you get average to above average sales ($250-$350+), 2-3 bookings and 2-3 people interested in the opportunity. This is what you should always bestriving for.

Make sure to check your workstation for more resources as well as reach out to your sponsor with questions!!! Have an awesome launch!!!