First FIVE Things You Need To Do As A New Consultant!


  1. Sign up for your JamberryPay account under your Dashboard. Go under My Account>JamberryPay and set it up STAT. This way you will get commission paid WEEKLY vs monthly (Jamberry has a fee for cutting a physical check paid monthly). About a week after signing up, you’ll receive a Jamberry Pay Visa Debit card which you can either load your commissions onto at no charge and use just like a debit card…OR…You can do a bank transfer for $0.35 to your checking account.
  2. Order your business cards! Jamberry’s new business cards can be ordered through the Print Shop. Choose “Shop” from your dashboard and click on the Print Shop. You can also make your own (within logo and compliance guidelines) and order via They usually have great coupon codes if you do a Google Search.
  3. Fill out your public website consultant profile under My Account>>>Professional Website. Here you will fill out a bio, social media links, your 3 favorite wraps, etc. and it will be visible on your profile on your public website for customers to connect with you.
  4. Complete Jamberry University’s New Consultant Onboarding training (takes about 16 minutes!!) to get your feet wet on how to be a consultant in the direct selling industry!
  5. Create your FREE TinyTorch Jamberry account (or other post scheduler)! TinyTorch is going to be your best friend when it comes to scheduling FB party posts!
    1. An alternative to Tiny Torch is a paid site called Cinch Share .  There is a free 7 day trial available and then it’s $10/mo after that. I love using Cinchshare!
BONUS: Check out our Team Google Drive Folder for tons of info for New Recruits and resources galore! JamBeauties Google Drive Folder