Bookings, Business Tips, List of 100


One of your FIRST steps into planning a Launch Party is to make your “List of 100”.  Use the “FRANKS & BEANS” method to think about who you can invite to your launch party, as well as invite into the business with you!


F.R.A.N.K.S. & B.E.A.N.S.

Use this list maker to write down all of your “warm” market contacts (your FRANKS) and also your “cold” market contacts (your BEANS)

Here’s how to find your FRANKS:

FRIENDS: Your BFF’s, FB friends, close friends you haven’t talked with in awhile

RELATIVES: Mom, sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces, etc.

ACQUAINTANCES: Peeps you are building relationships with, see occasionally, have a favorable report with, co-workers

NEIGHBORS: peeps who specifically live near you,

KID’S CONNECTIONS: Teachers, coaches, kid’s friend’s Mom & sisters, babysitter, etc.

SPOUSE’S CONNECTIONS: Spouse’s co-workers, Spouse’s co-worker’s wives, spouse’s family

Then! think about what you DO in the day and the people you come into contact with, these are your BEANS:

BUSINESSES: The places of business you frequent like the bank, cleaners, restaurants, coffee shops, library, drive-thru windows, the gym, the hair salon, the day spa, etc.

ENTERTAINMENT: Places you go for entertainment like the movies, amusement parks, recreation centers, swimming pools, the park

ASK FOR REFERRALS: be sure to ask everyone if they know of someone that might love fashion, or cute nails, or hosting parties, or looking for a side income, etc.

NEW ACTIVITIES: NEW activities that you and/or your family can join like sports teams, the gym, the salon, dance class, gymnastics, PTA, fundraising organizations, local buy/sell/trade groups, MOPS, mom groups, animal groups, chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Networking groups, etc.

SHOPPING: Places you go to shop like the mall, your favorite fashion store, other direct sales parties, shopping boutiques and events, etc.

Leads for sales, bookings, and new recruits are everywhere!!! Keep your eyes open and remember to Wear, Share, and Care!!