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Online Party Tips

Online Party Tips!

  • At the end of the day, make sure you post on your games posts “Post is closed for points!” so that competitive party goers can’t go back and rack up points at the end!!  (This happened in my party I hosted with Becky! lol  I had an overachiever cousin who blew up everyone’s notifications the last few hours of the party).
  • Use Tiny Torch to schedule FB posts.   Just edit/share and schedule your posts for the entire week!!!  Life saver.
  • Entries vs. Points – I have found that a Points system works best since it brings out a little competitiveness in guests. 😉  This will up your participation in games which will hopefully lead to higher sales!
  • Hostess Training – Make SURE you are fully preparing your hostesses.  If you are not a part of my FB Hostess Training Group, just ask me and I’ll add you or have your sponsor add you!
  • Post your link in the pinned post!  Lots of times people will pop in mid-party and will miss this information.  Don’t forget that on mobile – the pinned post is hidden and they have to physically click on it to view pertinent information.
  • ALWAYS plant the seed at the beginning of the party about kit credits to the hostess.  Remember a $250 party they earn a $25 kit credit and a $350 party they earn the max $50 kit credit.  Make sure they are aware that the credit comes off of their product credit and MUST BE USED FIRST before they redeem their hostess rewards.
  • Giveaways – mid party and end of party, I will typically offer accent sheets or pedi packs as a giveaway item for B3G1 Free orders only.  That is what I WANT them to buy!!  I also stocked up on items such as heaters and application kits with my hostess rewards (free or half off items) and fast start rewards to use as giveaway items so you don’t cut into your profits!
  • Offer extra samples in return for client information.  I have a form that I use (google forms is a great tool) to collect information such as name, address, email, etc. on people receiving samples.  Make sure you have them check that it’s ok to contact them in the future about upcoming sales, events, etc. so you can market to them later.  Also a good idea is to ask them in the form if they are interested in hosting a party (yes, no, maybe/ask me after I try my sample) or becoming a consultant.
  • Pre-attach your 10 samples to your business cards for the hostess in her hostess packet.  I find that if I do it – I know my samples will go out how I intend.  Just use double sided tape to stick the sample to the negative space on your business card.
  • Use the FREE app “Score Keeper Free” to keep track of party points.  Use the “like” button to keep track of which posts you have added to their name.  I tried entries for a while because I was burning out keeping track of points with my excel spreadsheet.  This app is great!!!
  • Order Collages:  When someone places an order (you’ll have to stalk your orders page!), make a collage of what they ordered and post it in the party thanking them and letting them and all the party guests know how many points they got towards the Grand Prize Giveaway!  I use a program called BlogStomp but PicMonkey is an online collage maker and it’s FREE!!!  Sometimes I prefer it! lol.  This helps give other guests ideas on what to purchase, reinforce that there’s a giveaway and let’s them know AGAIN about the Buy Three Get One Free deal!  Plus it keeps your party active and exciting! 🙂
  • Giveaways:  I always suggest giving away a half sheet at $150 party and a full sheet at a $350 party to entice guests to order.  I have also been implementing (once the party reaches $350) a 2nd winner of a full sheet if and when the party reaches $1000.  Dream big right?!?! 😉

Word Swag:  Speaking of flash sales – it helps to ALWAYS post a photo with each post!!!  Use the FREE app Word Swag to create wording for your specific flash sales or other announcements!  Great way to catch attention!!!

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Party Tips with Kristen Schaffer

Kristen Schaffer Q&A – Party Tips from the Party Queen!

By Melissa Berg on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 12:50pm

I recently was in on a thread in the leaders group with Kristen Schaffer (the Queen of PRV – you’ve seen her!!!) and she was kind enough to give us some of her best party tips.  Love these!!!


Q:   Any tips Kristen?  Is there anything that sticks out as the most important thing to work on?


Kristen:  Great hosts!!! Get involved with the customers and make sure your host is involved… I really try and develop relationships with the customers in the party.


Q:  Kristen Rio Schaffer – do you do mostly in-home parties?


Kristen:  I do about 1-2 home parties a month… 90% all online


Q:  REALLY!?!  That’s amazing!!  Do you literally invite every person who comes to the party to host or join?


Kristen:  lol no I post the normal host and join info :-)… I call out people who like posts… If they like something I address them and I also message my host and tell her to stay on top of that person. Usually if someone likes a post they are interested enough to stay in the party, at that point its getting them to ask questions and order. So staying on top of them and giving them that extra push usually always works


Q:  when you say ‘get your hostess to stay on top of them’ do you mean have them message them and encourage them to buy before the party closes?


Kristen:  yes and also call them out in the comments… I call them “liking lurkers” they lurk around but don’t order. These are people who I think are skeptical. So having the host personally call them out as a friend pushes them. I notice that people clearly will not buy from me… I’m just the girl selling the silly stickers. BUT they will buy from an enthusiastic host!!! She needs to sell it to them. I am constantly behind the scenes PMing my hosts. I have so many “new” friends lol.  I make my hosts and customers top priority I friend lots of girls. If they keep showing interest I friend them. Weird? Maybe? but it works.


Q:  How do you get your hosts involved if they aren’t great hosts? Or can you? I’ve had a lot lately that do nothing, even when I’m messaging them and giving them pointers here and there.


Kristen:  I’ve learned to pick and choose hosts wisely lol… I only go out of my way for girls who I know are enthusiastic about the party. I have had too many duds and it drives me bonkers. I honestly have developed strong relationships with my hosts. I live in Mass and I am hosting my 3rd party in Alaska!!! I met these girls all last month but are now FB friends and we joke and laugh and I think it’s like we’ve been friends for a long time. They feel comfortable with me.  I’m sorta a nag lol but in a nice way 🙂  Katy Roth try and become close with them.. Make them feel comfortable with you. That way they will work with you more in the parties!!

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Party Themes!

Let’s Talk About PARTY THEMES!

Mummy and Me
Mummy’s Night Out FRANKENBERRY!
Monster Jam Halloween party! Who’s Your Mummy?

Haunted Hands and Candied Yams!! Silly Ghosts and Party Hosts!
Trick or Nail Treats
Ghouls Night Out!!

Jingle Jams
We Wish You A BERRY Christmas! Christmas WRAP party!
Frosty Fingers and Frosty Mugs! JingleBerrys!!
Christmas Wraps and Ginger Snaps! Santa Claus and Pretty Claws! Santa Claus and Pretty Paws!
Santa Claws!
Take your PICK with ol’ St. NICK Nails that Stick with ol’ St. Nick! Holiday Cheer and Pumpkin Beer! Toasty Toes and Marshmallows

Ice Cream Social
Mommies and Mimosas
Mommies and Moscato!
MargariTOES!!! LOLOL!!! A pedi pamper party!!! Pedis on the Porch!!
Martinis and Manis!
Fingers and toes..anything goes
PaJAMa Party!

Sets on the Beach Party!! Bwahahaha!!! I would love to do a beach party!! At the beach!! LETS GET NAILED!
Flip flop Friday
Java Jam in the AM

Jammin Luau
Coffee and Jam
Wine and Wraps
Cyber Jam!
Dress that Jam!!! guests browse the catalog prior to coming and wear something that matches the design of a Jam

Mommy and Me, Jamberry and Tea Party JamBUNCO!!
JamBINGOberry? LOL!

A ‘Stache Bash!!!Mustache theme!!
‘Stache Bash for Jamberry Cash! lol, could be a mystery hostess motivator!
A Preorder Pinterest Partywhere they bring their fave nail art or polish combo from Pinterest and replicate with jams!
Margs and Manis
Jamberry Jigglers!!! We’ll serve jello shots!
Jamberry Jiggles and Giggles
Jamberry Nail Strip Poker!!!!!! or Jamberry Strip Poker!! play poker and lose a jamberry nail wrap!
A TOEtally 80’S Party!!! for online party have each guests change their profile pic to an 80’s actor! or match-that-wrap!!
Jams and Joe and a Demo on the Go!! Lol!! Sample demos at Starbucks!!
Polka Dot Party
Lunch Time Manis, could go to their work during a lunch hour and do a demo?
Jammertime!! 90’s!!! Lol!!!
Jamberries and JellieBellies!
We B JAMmin!” Reggae theme!!
Peanut butter & JAMberry? you can have PB&J served for them with milk then have them clean up their little hands for Jamberry time!!
JAMberry Shortcakes
Choco-Jamberry Desert Theme…Yummy!
JAMberry Wine Delight Theme
Let’s get JAMmed: in fall everyone has too much jarred jam. Jam swap and Jam up their fingers!TaquiTOES!!!Mexi-Cali!!