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Party Themes!

Let’s Talk About PARTY THEMES!

Mummy and Me
Mummy’s Night Out FRANKENBERRY!
Monster Jam Halloween party! Who’s Your Mummy?

Haunted Hands and Candied Yams!! Silly Ghosts and Party Hosts!
Trick or Nail Treats
Ghouls Night Out!!

Jingle Jams
We Wish You A BERRY Christmas! Christmas WRAP party!
Frosty Fingers and Frosty Mugs! JingleBerrys!!
Christmas Wraps and Ginger Snaps! Santa Claus and Pretty Claws! Santa Claus and Pretty Paws!
Santa Claws!
Take your PICK with ol’ St. NICK Nails that Stick with ol’ St. Nick! Holiday Cheer and Pumpkin Beer! Toasty Toes and Marshmallows

Ice Cream Social
Mommies and Mimosas
Mommies and Moscato!
MargariTOES!!! LOLOL!!! A pedi pamper party!!! Pedis on the Porch!!
Martinis and Manis!
Fingers and toes..anything goes
PaJAMa Party!

Sets on the Beach Party!! Bwahahaha!!! I would love to do a beach party!! At the beach!! LETS GET NAILED!
Flip flop Friday
Java Jam in the AM

Jammin Luau
Coffee and Jam
Wine and Wraps
Cyber Jam!
Dress that Jam!!! guests browse the catalog prior to coming and wear something that matches the design of a Jam

Mommy and Me, Jamberry and Tea Party JamBUNCO!!
JamBINGOberry? LOL!

A ‘Stache Bash!!!Mustache theme!!
‘Stache Bash for Jamberry Cash! lol, could be a mystery hostess motivator!
A Preorder Pinterest Partywhere they bring their fave nail art or polish combo from Pinterest and replicate with jams!
Margs and Manis
Jamberry Jigglers!!! We’ll serve jello shots!
Jamberry Jiggles and Giggles
Jamberry Nail Strip Poker!!!!!! or Jamberry Strip Poker!! play poker and lose a jamberry nail wrap!
A TOEtally 80’S Party!!! for online party have each guests change their profile pic to an 80’s actor! or match-that-wrap!!
Jams and Joe and a Demo on the Go!! Lol!! Sample demos at Starbucks!!
Polka Dot Party
Lunch Time Manis, could go to their work during a lunch hour and do a demo?
Jammertime!! 90’s!!! Lol!!!
Jamberries and JellieBellies!
We B JAMmin!” Reggae theme!!
Peanut butter & JAMberry? you can have PB&J served for them with milk then have them clean up their little hands for Jamberry time!!
JAMberry Shortcakes
Choco-Jamberry Desert Theme…Yummy!
JAMberry Wine Delight Theme
Let’s get JAMmed: in fall everyone has too much jarred jam. Jam swap and Jam up their fingers!TaquiTOES!!!Mexi-Cali!!