Bridget Kozlow – Senior Team Manager


Team BraveBeauties is lead by Bridget R. Kozlow. She lives in Garner, North Carolina and is married with one son and three dogs. Being an independent consultant and leader with Jamberry is currently her full-time job; however, she was an instructor and administrator in a college writing program when she first joined Jamberry on July 30, 2014 (and she juggled those responsibilities for her first two years as a consultant).

Bridget never expected that her Jamberry business would take off so quickly or that she would become a leader with the company. In fact, when she joined, she didn’t know what to expect. All she knew was that she loved the product and would probably buy more. So when she saw that there was little-to-no-risk in joining, and once she calculated the value of the products that came in the consultant kit, she decided she’d give it a chance!

The only thing Bridget promised herself was that she would give the business a full year before she would judge its success. She knew that there would be an ebb and flow in sales, so she wanted to see how well she could do over time. It turned out that Bridget’s business was more successful than she expected! In fact, a strong launch helped Bridget achieve her triple fast-start in her first full month as a consultant, and much to her surprise, she began to build a team within weeks of joining. By November 2014, Bridget promoted to Team Manager, and she has maintained a career title in leadership ever since!

Bridget will tell you that her Jamberry journey has been full of surprises. From the start, she was surprised by her success, but along the way she has been surprised by so many other things (all good surprises, by the way)!! Whether it was realizing how many of her skills from teaching would be helpful in her business and for leading her team, or finding out (after the fact) how well Jamberry’s core values match her own, there have definitely been a lot of surprises.

Most of all, she has been surprised by how easily Jamberry fit into her busy life. At the time, she couldn’t believe that we was adding something else onto her already very full plate, but thanks to the generosity of other consultants who graciously shared their ideas, resources, and time, Bridget was able to make it work. This generosity of other Jamberry consultants has shown time and again that when it comes to Jamily (Jamberry + family), we are there for each other — whether or not we are technically in the same “line” or not, Jamberry consultants help and share whatever they can! Bridget is so grateful for all the help she has received from other consultants, and she cherishes all of the incredible friendships she has as a result of Jamberry.

Most of all, Bridget is thankful for everything Jamberry has done to help her find strength and confidence in herself. That renewed sense of her strength and confidence has helped her improve so many aspects of her life. Bridget’s journey may have started with a love for Jamberry’s products, but it certainly became about much more than that!

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