Meet The Team

Kristen Vencel – Senior Lead Consultant

B&W KT Headshot May 2017It was in May of 2015 that Kristen Vencel finally took a look at a Jamberry party she had been invited to on Facebook.  It was the third or fourth time she had heard about this company, but this time she was curious.  She and her husband were on a spending freeze in order to save up for an upcoming home purchase.  However, half way through the party she was hosting, she realized that this was a business opportunity worth looking into.

She joined as a consultant before the party was even over and started to see the potential to bring in much-needed income to her home.

Since then, Kristen has been having a blast working her Jamberry business around her four children (whom she homeschools) and her hard-working-pastor-husband, while maintaining a thriving modern dance career.  This business has brought help with their food budget, provided gas money, helped with emergency expenses, and provided income for fun stuff that they couldn’t often pay for before Jamberry.

Kristen is a Triple Fast Start achiever, and loves working hard for the many incentives the company generously offers!  She has her sights set on Executive and continuing to build an international business that empowers others and provides hope for the future.  What a huge help and answer to prayer Jamberry has been to her family!

Find Kristen on social media at Mamma Jamma Jams, and also check out her hilariously fun podcast called Jam Sesh.