Meet The Team

Maggie Manning – Premier Consultant.

21616063_10210199590161318_1243350111188425444_nHello! I am a premier consultant! I have been wearing jams since Oct 2014, and selling since Jan 2015! The years have flown by and they’ve been nothing but fun!

My why: why do I sell? Originally it was because I loved the product so much and wanted some extra cash. Then it became more of a social thing. I was meeting new people both customers and jam sisters. It became amazing for a busy mom who doesn’t get out much. Now it’s a mix of both. Extra cash def helps my family out. I usually use is for fun family trips or extra splurges. I love helping women feel pretty and confident. I stand behind the product and love my customers. I lack consistency sometimes but I try my best!

When I’m not jammin, I’m having with my two beautiful girls. Riley (9) Zoey (6) and my husband Elijah. We love weekend trips away, traveling the world, Disney world and cooking!