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10 ways to ROCK your host coaching

What is Host Coaching?

-Partnering with the host

-have to engage and communicate with the host

Why is it important?

-higher party sales


What is my role?


-Teaching her how to BE a hostess

4 Key factors to hostess coaching:

COMFORT: Get to know you, grow a relationship, New BFF ;), comfortable to ask questions, confidence in YOU and the PRODUCT (We are the BRAND AMBASSADOR)

MOTIVATION: Keep her motivated with messages, wish lists, ways to share

GUIDANCE!! Looking to YOU to know what she has to do, what to say, when to invite who to invite – you know all the answers

APPRECIATION!! Show her what she deserves! Thank you, shout out, sample, doesn’t have to be gifts


1: First Impressions are EVERYTHING!!! Getting the booking is ok but follow up with the booking is what counts!  Hostess Packets (Catalogs, Hostess Bingo, Party Tips, Outside order instructions, Recruiting info, Business Card, Personal Note, Sample)

2: Keep It Simple Sister: keep it duplicatable, make sure its easy and fun so she thinks she can do it too,

3: Motivation – dream big…. motivate her that her friends and family will order, encourage her to get the party booked and we make the party interesting

4: Build a Wish List together – spend time with her and get to know her preferences common interests, if her desire for product rewards is higher, her investment in the party will be higher!!

For Friends:

For Family:

For Gifts/Just Because:

For You:

5: Guide your host – (Remember what is feels like to be a host) Share your expectations. Teach how to properly invite, don’t just tell her in a post… teach her why its done this way and make sure she understands before setting the party up

6: What can she expect from you – Layout of the party, what happens in a party, how will the party run, how long it is, how people order, how can people order that aren’t on Facebook, When will the party close, FAQ sheet? (What are the rewards, How they pay for rewards, website information)

7: Share how to be a Jam-Tastic Hostess picture and discuss with host before the party

8: What you expect of HER: 9 out of 12 hosts feel their consultnat does not adequately contact her!!! OUCH!!

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