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What To Post In Your Facebook VIP Group


Stuck on what to post?  Here are some monthly and random ideas to keep your page ACTIVE (which will increase visibility and hopefully SALES!!).


Color Pops – product icon, wrap sheet (if available) and the product on hands.  Be sure to stress that this design/color is ONLY available until the last day of that current month.  After that it’s gone for good!!  Color pops can be wraps, lacquers, gels or ColourCure on a rotation!!  SO it’s always exciting for our customers!

Hostess Exclusive Wraps – Each month, the 3rd available hostess exclusive wrap becomes available.  Make sure you are posting at least monthly about asking people if they want to host a party.  You never know – they may fall in love with one of the wraps and that may become their “why”.  Make sure you post the Hostess Rewards chart with it!!!

Join My Team – At least quarterly (or if we have a JamSquad incentive) you should be posting letting people know how they can join your team.  It’s usually a good idea to make the post personal about your experience being a consultant and how it has changed your life (even if it’s just in a small way).  You want to inspire someone!!!  Please see the recruiting document for some great ways to present the opportunity.

StyleBox Choices – StyleBox subscribers are such a great “passive” way to get active each month!!  Who doesn’t love monthly Jam mail at a discount with FREE SHIPPING??  And did you know, they can add up to 8 wraps or 2 lacquers (non-exclusives) to their box and still qualify for free shipping?  They can also select ANY TWO wraps from the 6 Stylebox choices…and their “extra” wraps they want to include can be any of the 6 choices!

  • #1 thing to post is YOUR JAMICURES!!!  LADIES!!!!  Take a picture of your fresh Jamicure!  Take a picture on a later day (day #7 perhaps? day #14?!?!) and inspire your friends to at least try Jamberry out for themselves.  You should not only be posting this on your consultant page, but your personal page and other online media outlets (instagram, twitter, etc.) that you are a part of.
  • One of us just post about a Jamicure you LOVE???  Ask us to post it for you in your group – or ask if YOU can post about this amazing Jamicure your friend just did.
  • Ask your customers what your next Jamicure should be!!  It’s a great way to get them engaged and get their own creative juices flowing with Jam combinations!
  • Incentives – This is totally optional, but I find that running incentives or themed “parties” really generates traffic and interest.  I typically only do an incentive for a B3G1F order or a “total package” order.  Just remember your bottom line!  If you give away the ice cream for free no one is going to buy the truck!! 😉
  • New Products – Keep your customers (present and FUTURE) informed of all things NEW at Jamberry.   Make sure you’re keeping up with the newsletter and news on your dashboard for the latest and relay that to your customer base!  Keep it fresh!!
  • Holidays!!  I know a lot of you have already posted about our adorable holiday inspired wraps!  Be sure you are letting your customers know that these wraps are available for a limited time with the new catalog!
  • Charity wraps!!!  Breast Cancer awareness month is in October – how about making some NAS just for your customer group?
  • NAS – Have some friends who all like the same thing?  Crazy about certain styles?  Make some NAS with your customers in mind!!!
  • Games – yes you can continue to do games on your own page even after your Launch Party is over!  Just for fun or do a mini or full blown giveaway for points!  The beauty is that YOU get to decide since you are the boss! 😉
  • Monthly Party Tip – this is more for you…but I ALWAYS have a monthly party open in the parties tab for ME.  Usually I’ll do a monthly theme so people know what to select at checkout or I can move my retail orders into that party as well.  Collect your hostess rewards for yourself or use that free loot to stock up on giveaway items!  I keep mine open for the full 4 weeks (I usually open it so that it ends on the last day of the month – or with the first order – since there is a 4 week time limit.)
  • VIP Customer Giveaway – Let your past customers know that every month you’ll be giving away a free 1/2 sheet (or accent sheet – whatever your budget allows)…To enter, all they have to do is post a photo of their Jamicure…for every Jamicure they post in that month, they’ll get an entry towards winning!  Keeps your customers engaged and active and shows you appreciate and value their business!
  • LIVE VIDEOS!!!  A new thing I’ve been doing lately is making videos specifically FOR my customers.  Have a new product?  Or a new tip?  Make a video and upload it to your youtube channel.  CREATE A FOLLOWING!!!!
  • Official Jamberry Videos!  Make sure to sign up for alerts so that you know when Jamberry’s you tube channel posts a new video and be sure to share it with your customers!
  • StyleBox – ladies, this is a GREAT opportunity that I’m currently working into my customer page.  I also have a policy that if my customers don’t like what comes in the box – I am happy to trade anything in my inventory.  Make it less of a “risk”….and now that there are THREE boxes to choose from…it’s even less of a risk!!!
  • Post your orders – Orders from repeat customers should be shown off just like in a party!!!  Make them feel good about their purchase with you.  I always send a thank you card and a sheet of accent nails as a gift (if they ordered at least a B3G1).
  • Post (your have your hostess post) the hostess reward orders you have coming in!  Show your customers that you are still partying hard outside of your little VIP group!  Let them drool over the free and discounted rewards others are receiving for hosting a party with you and hope that they’ll get the itch and want to do the same! 🙂
  • I know there are PLENTY more tips on what to post/do on your Consultant page.  DON’T just rely on your parties!!!  Customer follow up and care is SUPER important in maintaining your Jam business.  What ideas do you have or do in your customer group?

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