#becauseofjamberry, Meet The Team

Welcome To Our Team Blog!


We are so excited to collaborate as a team and bring VALUE to all of our current and new consultants!!  This blog will be a source of our best business tips and incredible inspiration and stories of perseverance and triumph!  If you are a consultant on our team, please make sure you are added to the BossBeauties Training group on Facebook!  This is where Melissa’s entire downline can obtain the password to our password protected posts. 🙂

Direct sales is NOT easy.  But we feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing company!  Jamberry was founded in 2010 by a team of 3 sisters who had a dream.  And that dream has turned into a multi billion dollar empire!!  Most women I know, partake in some type of nail art or decoration.  It makes us FEEL good…picks us up when we aren’t feeling at our best and lets us express ourselves without committing to just one particular style!  I love that I can change my nails with my mood!  If you can paint your nails (ok maybe some of us really can’t – but with practice, I promise even I have become pretty decent at it!!), then you can do Jamberry!

Our team is built of amazing women from all different walks of life.  I love learning about everyone on my team, where they came from, what life is like for them and what motivates and inspires them.  They have incredible stories to share and I can’t wait for them to share them with you!

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