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Successful Home Party

How to run a successful Jamberry Home Party

  1. Prep: What you will need
  •   Pens
  •   Catalogs
  •   Order Forms
  •   Business cards if you have them
  •   Door Prize Slips
  •   Point Slips
  •   Scavenger Hunt Game Slips
  •   Right Left Game
  •   Rough Script
  •   If you have a current stock of wraps, find a way to display them
  •   Your Jamberry heater and application kit to show guests
  •   Folders (I prefer purple, I cut them in half so you will need 1 for every 2 guests)
  •   4 Prizes you would want to win at a party – 2 simple, 1 nicer, and 1 grand prize

    Prize ideas:

    •   Manicure in a jar: Half sheet of wraps, lotion, file, buffer, orange stick, clippers, mason

      jar (you can get the filler items at dollar store)

    •   Pedicure in a jar: two pedi wraps, lotion, file, buffer, orange stick, clippers, mason jar

      (you can get the filler items at dollar store)

    •   Sheet of Wraps
    •   Gift Certificate: If it is going to be a large party, a gift certificate if a very nice gift for your

      grand prize

    •   Heater
    •   Application kit
    •   Candle
      Assemble your items ahead of time and pack them for easy set up
  •   For each guest prepare a half folder with the following items  Pen

     Catalog
     Order Form
     Door Prize Slip
     Point Game
     Business Card (If applicable)

  •   Put together a rough schedule/script to follow (see #3)
  •   Put together games

     Left Right Game – One copy for you, hold onto (page 5)
     Scavenger Hunt Game – One copy for each guest, you hold onto (page 6)  Point Game should already be put in guests folders (page 7)
     Door Prize slip should already be put in folders (page 4)


Put together Prizes

  •   Door Prize Game is SMALL PRIZE done by drawing of all the door prize slips at the end of the party.
  •   Left Right Game is a SMALL PRIZE
  •   Scavenger Hunt is a NICER PRIZE
  •   Point Game Winner is the GRAND PRIZE

    Actual Party – Take a deep breath you are going to do great!! (SCRIPT/SCHEDULE)
    Make sure to write all of this on a separate sheet so you have a rough schedule to follow, don’t read it word for word, your personal touch is great and guests will appreciate you being yourself!
    Show up 20-25 min early for set up, to greet the host, and to give yourself time to not be rushed. Make sure the host knows you will be early.
    As guests arrive, introduce yourself, greet them and give them a folder. Tell them to make sure to fill out the door slip and that you will be starting after all the guests arrive
    Give about 10-15 min after the set party time to allow guests to mingle with each other, fill out door prize slips, and snack.
    After the 10-15 minutes ask guests to take a seat and wait for them to give you full attention Introduce yourself once again and tell them you are happy they took the time to come and learn more about Jamberry. Explain to the how the point game works in their folder and tell them to keep track of their own points along the way.
    Tell guests a party is not a party without games, so you are going to start off with one right off the bat! For this game you will read the Left Right Game (see page 5.) Before you read the game, tell guests that this game will give a brief history of Jamberry and how it came about. Start the game by giving one of the guests a smaller prize. They will pass the prize to the right or left each time you say “right” or “left” and the guests who has the prize when you finish will win it.
    After the right left game you are going to explain to guests what Jamberry nail wraps are, how they work, and the benefits of Jamberry nails and laquer. Make sure you make a clear presentation of the product in your own words and ask guests if they have any questions after you are done. This part of your presentation is very important.

    Next you will pass out the scavenger hunt game. Give it to guests face down so they can’t see it and ask guests to get their catalogs out. When each guest has a copy, tell guests for this game they will simply surf the catalog and put the corresponding page number with the entry on the slip. Whoever finishes first with the correct answers wins.

    After this game, tell the guests briefly why YOU love the product and why you chose to become a consultant. Even if you are new, try to learn the benefits ahead of time to share a few of them with your guests. Also tell guests you would love to have them host a party in the future if they are interested and there is more information about that in their catalogs.

    Tell guests that they are now welcome to look through the catalog and order some Jamberry for themselves. Tell them about the b3g1 free deal and that you would be happy to answer any questions they might have. Make sure you understand your state’s sales tax and shipping before you go so you can calculate this price for customers.

    You will need to place orders later online so make sure you if a customer isn’t comfortable writing a credit card number on the order form that they give you cash or write a check to you so you can cover the order with your card.

  •   If the host is willing, all the orders can be placed in one bulk order and mailed to her directly. If orders are over $150 there will be free shipping for everyone.
  •   Tell guests orders typically take 7-10 business days and you will do your best to get the orders placed either later that night or the next day.
  •   While guests are looking through the catalog, collect the door prize slips and do the drawing for the winner of that smaller prize.
  •   You may apply sample accent nails to customers during this time also if you are comfortable doing so.
  •   After you receive all of your orders, ask guests to turn in their point slips to you. Whoever has the most points once the night is over will win the grand prize.
  •   Thank guests for coming and tell them they are welcome to contact you any time with any questions they might have.
  •   Thank the hostess again for hosting the party and let her know you will get to her as soon as possible with her hostess rewards.
  •   Smile, you did GREAT!!

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