Recruiting, Sponsoring

Signing Up A New Recruit

How does my hostess get kit credit?

There is a “redeem kit credit” button.  After you choose the one she wants, COPY the link at top of page to email or PM her immediately.  If you forget, it should still be at bottom of “hostess rewards” section on her party page on workstation.  BUT, if you redeem hostess rewards, it may disappear and you will have to contact support with the hostess/party name to get it.  ALWAYS redeem the kit credit first or else it is lost and THEN redeem the rest of the rewards.  ONLY hit that redeem button once you are 100% positive your hostess is going to redeem it.  After it is redeemed, the product credit deducted CANNOT be put back.

What do I do if someone shows interest in joining my team?

Really see if you can feel it out to see WHY they are interested to gauge how to approach them.  Usually I send the start up guide and compensation plan to them.  (Both found in your workstation)

Should I always discourage someone from joining at end of month?

No.  Give them the information and let them decide.  Sometimes it hurts their momentum and excitement to wait longer than a day or two.  The extra month is just that–extra.

Can I offer my potential recruit an incentive for joining?

  1.  A new consultant’s agreement has to be between the new consultant and Jamberry ONLY.

As a sponsor, what is the expectation and what am I responsible for?

As a Jamberry Sponsor you are expected to:

  • Actively practice the Jamberry Values as described in this Agreement (see p. 7).
  • Exemplify the cornerstone of Jamberry leadership by maintaining an active and consistent home Party schedule.
  • Actively engage in goal setting and mentoring with the new Consultant.
  • Offer training to the new Consultant by phone or in person within 1 week of the new Consultant signing up to be a Jamberry Consultant. The sponsor should offer several reasonable time slots and be prepared for the training.
  • Allow any new consultant in your downline to attend a Home Party that you are leading or that someone else on her team is leading within 45 days of the new consultant’s activation. Remote Sponsors who live 50 miles or more away from you should be supported by phone.
  • Return phone calls or e-mails within three business days unless you pre-notified your downline of vacation during which you will be unavailable.
  • Attend planned meetings and trainings for which you did not call in advance to reschedule or cancel.
  • Communicate with your downline monthly by e-mail, phone or in-person meetings to check in with the downline on business goals and progress.
  • Disseminate information from the Home Office to your downline in a timely manner.

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