Scared of RECRUITING? Read This!


Okay, so recruiting is INTIMIDATING…especially at first, but it is imperative to advancing (and making some serious moolah $$$$!!!) in this company.  I never thought that I would be able to promote  in my first few months of being a consultant because I was SCARED to talk to people about joining. (haha–take that, fear!!) After a lot of practice, I can say that I am definitely more confident now.  It takes some getting used to!  But, YOU, TOO, can build your team–I promise!  Here are some great things to remember when talking to a recruit:

  • Start the conversation! If you have a gal you think would be great, TALK TO HER. Don’t wait for her to reach out to you.  Many people do not think they have what it takes.  They are wrong.  Sometimes they need someone to believe in them to realize they CAN do it.
  • BE EXCITED!! Energy is contagious.  If you are nervous, she is going to pick up on that and want to run.  Instead, RELAX.  The worst thing that happens is she says no.  No biggie.
  • Ask her on a scale from 1-10 (with 1 being not at all and 10 being “Sign me up right now!!”) how interested she is. [This is a really important step. You may think a gal is not very interested and she may say 8! You never know. This helps you know where she is]
  • When she gives you her answer, ask her what is preventing her from being a 10.
  • There will be roadblocks.  Lack of money. Lack of time.  Scared of the commitment.  Fear of failure. The list will go on and on.  The important part here is CALM HER FEARS.  Think if what made you take the plunge.  Here are a bunch of talking points to help you:
  • The perks: Our incredible compensation plan. The discount on top of the B3G1.  Rewards on top of commissions (if you sign up instead of hosting). Bonuses! Marketing Credits!
  • What makes Jamberry different from other DS companies: No inventory! No minimum monthly sales! Only $600/year to remain a consultant! Hobbyist opportunity after 3 moths at no additional cost ($10/mo website not needed).
  • The Support:Our amazing team and team page (where else can you find a group of online women who are so supportive of complete strangers?! hehe). WE SHARE EVERYTHING. Google Drive. Party Scripts. Jam U. Dashboard. Trainings.
  • The many ways you can run a party: Instagram. In home. Catalog. Skype. Party in a Box.
  • Time Commitment: you work as much as you want to.  Have a hectic month? Take a break. Want this to be in addition to your job, school, and parenting? No prob.  Want this to be your full-time job.  Cool beans.  This job adapts to your needs. You make your own rules.
  • Leadership Opportunities and Incentives:Amazing bonuses. 13 different ranks. Fast Start Incentives. Awesome leadership incentives (wraps, jewelry, wallets, etc).  Conferences. Regionals. Hawaii Incentive Trip.

Think of this as sharing this amazing opportunity that you are currently taking advantage of.  Speak from the heart, give your personal experience (wherever you are at in your journey), and share your success story. 🙂

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