Recruitment Evaluation with Pam Engle

Recruitment Evaluation

With Pam Engle

If you can answer yes to these questions then you are actively recruiting:

  1. Do you offer samples at least 5 times during your online or in home parties?

*Respond to their sample request: thank them, give them application tips, ask if they want to check out one of your super cute application packets to see how awesome Jamberry really is

*Samples allow them to try before they buy, they break the ice, and they’re coming to YOU

*Offer samples about a week before an in-home party

*Share excitement in parties. Ask (by name) who has gotten their samples and how it went. Who else wants a sample?

  1. Do you offer opportunity packets when you respond to a sample request?

*When someone asks for a sample you NEED to share application info with them, because this will make it or break it for them

*Offer the opportunity packet. They’re interested in the product and are coming to you.

*Response to request: “Sure! No problem! Thank you for requesting a sample. Here is an application video and here a few tips and tricks to getting the BEST application. By the way, over the course of this party I invite you to kind of observe what I am doing. My job is so fun, simple and easy. Hey. Would you like me to send you one of my super cute opportunity packets so you can see how awesome Jamberry is?”

*Make sure you end the response in a question!

  1. Do you off the business opportunity first?

*Offer the HARDEST option first. If you offer the easiest and they say no, then there is nowhere to go from there.

“Hey ______. I was thinking of you the other day when I was walking along the beach and I was thinking how amazing you would be on my team. Would you be interested in looking at one of my opportunity packets?”

If she says no: “Oh ____. I completely understand. How about we host a party for you so you can earn some free products, just like your friend did?”

If she still says no: “Not a problem. Thank you so much for all of your support. If you are ever interested in trying a free sample, I would love to hook you up so you could check it out for yourself.”

  1. Do you recruit your hostess before her party?

*When someone says they are interested in hosting, let them know that you will be sending her a hostess package and that you are so excited to get her friends pumped for the party. Ask them to let you know when it arrives.

*Send the hostess package right away.

*Don’t mention the business opportunity at that time. You don’t want to scare her off and have her put her guard up.

*Include the join info

*Follow-up with her to see if she got the package. Tell her how excited you are for her party and ask if she had a chance to look over the join pamphlet. Ask her how awesome it would be if she was able to earn commission AND free product off of her own party.

*Talk about benefits of joining, fast starts, etc.

*Your Hail Mary is when she joins during or after the party. Exhaust all of the options BEFORE the party.

  1. Are you posting on your own Facebook page about how Jamberry has impacted your life?

*Make it relatable and apply it to your life

*How is it effecting their friend? They don’t want to hear how it is effecting the rep.

*Talk about the opportunity 5 times within you your party

  1. No pressure/ would they like an opportunity packet?
  2. How Jamberry is effecting your life/ what it has done for you
  3. How Jamberry is effecting your life/ what it has done for you
  4. How Jamberry is effecting your life/ what it has done for you
  5. No pressure/ would they like an opportunity packet?
  6. Are you hosting at least 4 Jamberry parties a month?

*In order to be actively recruiting you need to have new people involved

*Make sure you are also offering samples

*The more parties and the more samples you have means the more times you are able to offer an opportunity packet

  1. Are you pushing yourself to recruit the last 10 days of the month?

*Fast Start is AMAZING

*You want each consultant to have the longest time possible to earn that Fast Start

*Sign them up on the 1st of the month!

*Push yourself to follow-up during the last 10 days of the month

*Follow-up with people who have asked for samples, asked for opportunity packets, and people who haven’t been asked about an opportunity packet

  1. Are you adding at least 1-2 consultants a month?

*This should be your MINIMUM

*To be ACTIVELY recruiting you should be grabbing 2 consultants a month

  1. Are you offering the opportunity to participating guests?

*Types of guests: silent/very active/guests that participate but have not reached out, asked for a sample or purchased

*Reach out to the guests that participate, but don’t reach out to you

“Hi _____. I just want to thank you for participating in the party. You were a blast! You just have so much energy and so much excitement. The party wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you for participating! By the way, I saw how great you were at keeping the energy up and keeping the excitement going. You would be fantastic at this! Would you be interested in receiving one of my super cute opportunity packets?”

**End it in a question mark!

  1. Are you following up on recruitment leads?

*Do this specifically during the last 10 days of the month

*2+2+2 follow up system

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