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Recruiting Through Your Levels

Just in case this web page ever goes down, I’m saving the content here lol.  It’s my FAVE!!!


This is the blog post that IGNITED my vision of what I wanted my team to look like.  I recruited WAY more than 6 people my first year (I think it was like 30 something?) but I have this post to thank for making that lightbulb go off about what I needed to do to be successful!  And just how much potential this whole Jamberry gig had for me anyway!  There are people in our company who have been paid over $100,000 in a SINGLE MONTH!  Ladies – the opportunity and potential is real!!  We have many million dollar earners in our upline!  And sitting here 3 years later, I can tell you that I’ve enjoyed a 6 figure income from this as well (in a year though, not a month!! haha – at least not yet!). 😉  Enjoy the read!


This post is a numbers post. No one builds a big network marketing business without understanding how the business is designed to work. Even those of us who hate numbers have to understand the basics of them.


This diagram represents a Jamberry Nails consultant team that is large enough to be quite profitable and stable enough to provide ongoing growth. If you are having trouble determining realistic part-time goals, this illustration might be a great place to start! Each circle represents a person in your team. The lines that connect the circles are only used to signify the relationship between the circles.

The first level (L1) are people you’ve personally sponsored. They are known as your frontline. In this diagram, you have 6 of them. Each person you personally sponsor under you is the start of a new LEG. So you have 6 legs in this diagram. For the sake of space, the diagram is condensed. Imagine each of your L1s having L2s and L3s off of them.

Assume that each of your 6 legs has 6 people in L1, L2, and L3. The diagram only shows 1 leg with that many team-members. So the above team really consists of 217 people: you, your 6 frontline (your L1), your frontline’s 6 frontline (your L2), and your frontline’s frontline’s 6 frontline (your L3).

The diagram could have shown five legs or seven or seventy. But six is a good starting goal number for a couple reasons. First, the minimum requirement for maintaining Team Manager (TM) rank is five active legs. If you only have five active legs and one leg decides to quit, then you lose our TM rank. So it’s safer to have a cushion against that happening! You always want to go beyond the minimums when building your business, so even six isn’t worth settling for! But it’s good for this example.

Secondly, six is not too high of a number to achieve for almost anyone – even part time workers. Women love signing up in this business! It might not take that many parties before you’ll have 6 women signed up as your frontline. You could sponsor 6 people within the first month or two if you take the business seriously and make that your goal.

Another good reason to use 6 is because it provides a good income level if your team is built the way it is pictured in the diagram. Using too big of numbers can intimidate people. It might be hard for you to imagine right now sponsoring 40 or even 100 people in your frontline. But surely you can picture having 6 on your team. On the other hand, using too small of numbers doesn’t properly show the tremendous multiplication of income that is possible. Sponsoring 6 frontline team-members and teaching them to duplicate your effort is where things start to get very exciting in this business.

Finally, because 6 is a significant, yet very doable sponsoring goal for people serious about their business, it is easy to reset your goals to sponsoring 6 more when your first 6 are reached. So once you’ve sponsored 6 and taught your downline how to do the same, you can set out to sponsor a second set of 6, so that you’ll have 12 in your frontline, and train your downline to do that as well. In this way, your team can grow massive in short bursts that don’t drain you of time and emotional energy.

So let’s run some numbers from the above diagram and see how profitable this 217 member team actually is. Prepare to smile.

Let’s assume you can do 4 parties a month, or average 1 per week. Let’s assume your parties average $300 in total sales. That’s a decent party, not overly difficult to achieve. If you do 4 parties that average $300 per month, you will have total sales of $1200. This gives you your regular 30% commission plus a sales bonus of 5%. So you personally will make $420 per month from your 4 parties (35% of $300 x 4 parties). This amount of monthly personal sales volume easily meets the sales requirements for the highest ranks in Jamberry Nails.

You might be happy with an extra $420 per month income. But for just a little more work, you could earn so much more. We’re not talking about selling more or even doubling your parties. We’re talking about sponsoring 6 more people into your team.

If you sponsor 6 team-members on your frontline, you will see immediate income results if they merely duplicate your 4 parties per month. You receive what’s called LEVEL OVERRIDES on the commissionable sales volume of everyone in your team in your first 3 levels downline. The commissionable sales volume is always 65% of the total sales volume. So you make a percentage on 65 cents of every dollar in sales.

You earn a level override of 12% from each team-member in your frontline. If each of your 6 frontline (L1) duplicates your effort, you’ll earn an additional $562 for their sales (12% of 65% of $300 x 4 parties). So if you add your $420 with your L1’s $562, you make $982 per month now.

In addition to the 12% override you make on your frontline, you make a 7% override on your L2s. If each of your L2s duplicate your effort, you’ll earn an additional $1966 for their sales (7% of 65% of $300 x 4 parties). You’re now earning $420 for your own parties, $562 for your L1’s parties, and $1966 for your L2’s parties, for a total of $2,948 per month.

In addition to the 12% override you make on your frontline, and the 7% override you make on your L2s. You also make 5% on your L3s. If your L3s duplicate your effort, you’ll earn an additional $8,424 per month for their sales (5% of 65% of $300 x 4 parties)! You’re now earning $420 for your own parties, $562 for your L1’s parties, $1966 for your L2’s parties, and $8424 for your L3’s parties, for a total of $11,372 per month! That comes out to $136,464 per year!

You can see how quickly wealth builds as your network multiplies throughout your downline. This is why it’s important for you to do more than just book parties for yourself and spend all your time micromanaging your personal customer sales. Getting started sponsoring your frontline and training them to sponsor their own frontline and them their frontline will take you from earning a mere $420 per month to $11,372 on just 4 average size parties each!

So your goal should be to sponsor as many people in your frontline as quickly as possible. You’re making 12% of 65% of everything they sell! And you never know how many are going to stay in, quit, or build it like a rockstar. The odds are that you’ll have to personally sponsor many more than 6 to get 6 rockstars who will duplicate your effort. And that’s what you’re shooting for.

You must also always be thinking of depth WHILE you’re recruiting your frontline. So whenever you sign someone up as part of your frontline, don’t just sponsor TO that person. Sponsor THROUGH that person. So don’t just think, “Susan would love this business! I’ve got to get her to sign up!” Instead, you should think, “Susan would love this business! I’ve got to get her to sign up and immediately help her get her own frontline recruit!”

By making this a priority, you’re always growing 2 levels at a time instead of just 1. That builds amazing momentum! So when Susan sees what a great business Jamberry Nails is (maybe at your launch party), she’ll want to sign up. And you’ll say, “I’m so glad you decided to do this! Who do you know right now who would be perfect to sign up under you?” Then you help Susan any way you need to so that she sponsors someone in her frontline asap. It might come from helping Susan do her own launch party.

When you make this your priority, you’re training your recruits to duplicate you. So when Susan tells you that Jane is just perfect for Jamberry Nails, then you help Susan recruit Jane (maybe at Susan’s launch party). And the first thing that Susan is going to say to Jane is, “I’m so glad you decided to do this! Who do you know right now who would be perfect to sign up under you?” And the process is now repeated into your L3.

When you get 6 frontline each doing the same thing with 6 of their own frontline, who also do the same thing with 6 of their own frontline (to an infinite number of levels), you are setting up every one of your legs for at least $11,372 per month in earnings. And it’s going to grow to much more than that. Of course you realize that you’ll be earning ever-increasing amounts of money WHILE you’re building to this level. It might only take a few months to sponsor your six and have them on their way to duplicating you down to your L3.

In fact, we see in the Sponsoring Your Frontline post what would happen if you have 12 frontline sponsoring 12 frontline sponsoring 12 frontline. You would earn $76,797 per month! Isn’t that amazing!!!? If each person in your team would double their frontline from 6 to 12, the income doesn’t merely double. It leaps from $11,372 to $76,797 per month!

This is why it’s important to work through your width (how many frontline you have) AND your depth at the same time, hopefully in 6 people bursts. You don’t leave anyone hanging in your downline who asks you for help. You never know when she’s going to be a rockstar and sponsor 6 or 12 frontline who will repeat the process.

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