Recruiting Pep Talk!

Reposting this very inspirational message from a Team Leader!!!  I hope this inspires you all! 🙂


Okay friends, lets talk for a minute about recruiting I have been getting lots of “I just can’t recruit” or “I can’t find anyone”. I know recruiting is SCARY. When I joined, I was afraid to pressure people (I still am). I didn’t want to be that”annoying sales lady”, and I refused to be. But here is the kicker…you CANNOT build your team without recruiting. You can be a super-seller and make a little money- but if you build a team? We are talking thousands of dollars. We are talking making 6 figures a year if you build an amazing team.

Do I have your attention yet???

So look at it this way…I have over 900 on my team and I joined 7 months ago. Did I recruit all of them? NO!!! I recruited and then they went out and recruited and their recruits recruited and it has turned into 900+ people and almost $350,000 in sales LAST MONTH ALONE!!!!

Okay so here are some tips on recruiting that I have learned:

1) Throw out the word “recruiting”.Don’t think of it that way- it sounds too pink car/makeup/pushy/call and ask why you aren’t selling-ish. Think of it as “sharing”. I have truly come to view it this way. My life has been changed through the Jamberry opportunity. So many of my downline Team Managers have ALL had their income and lives changes because someone on our team shared the Jamberry opportunity. And tons more of us are on our way up. So don’t feel bad sharing something with someone when it could really change their life and help provide for their family.

2) Recruits will not fall out of the sky. Okay sometimes they may. But not very often. If you want to build a team, do it!Does it mean you have to stand in a silly suit on a corner with a sign? NO!  But it does mean you have to doSOMETHING. Do you have to bug people? NO! But you can do this- you can share in a non-pressure way. So here are two ways I have recruited: A) Facebook statuses. Not every day. Not every week. But once a month, I put it out there.

My great great GrandJama put it this way:

“When I started, it was ‘I cannot believe this!I joined Jamberry for the discount but now I am hooked. I work at naptime while my kids nap, and this month I made enough to pay for our grocery bill and my daughter’s gymnastics! All of that and I only did online parties (or you can say ‘I just had a few fun home parties’, whatever)…I am so glad I can contribute to our income in a fun way while I stay home with my babies. Message me if you want some info about this amazing opportunity!’…It grew each month.In November I got to say I made enough to pay my mortgage. In December, I paid for Christmas. ALL of it! I never listed a $ amount but I gave my friends a practical amount that they could understand. Now? I am making 2-3 times what I made as a full-time SLP with a Masters Degree.”

  1. B) Message your friends. Even the ones who you don’t think will be interested. Say “no pressure but this has been an amazing thing for me and I wanted to share it with you”. I for one NEVER EVER planned on actually making a business with Jamberry. Many of our leaders NEVER saw this as something they would do, enjoy, or succeed at. But Rashel Cornish shared the opportunity with me and I am sure glad she did…I shared with my friends and I know they are glad I did…it keeps spreading like wildfire. SO when people say they are interested, send them the Join letter under documents on this page.Also send them the startup guide. Follow up with them in a “just checking in” kind of way, or even meet up with them to answer their questions. You seriously NEVER know who may be interested…and if you don’t connect with them,they may never even know or admit that they are interested!

3) If someone says “no”, they aren’t rejecting you. It’s just not right for them at the time. Just say “no worries at all! Just wanted to share in case you may be interested!” I have had plenty of those who actually came back and joined a few months later,or just became awesome customers.

Please let me know if any of you have questions…don’t be afraid to recruit! Just a few recruits can get your team going and really build your paycheck. Hope this helps! Keep up the AMAZING sales and recruiting— I mean SHARING!!!

Update: The post above was from July 1st. 2 months later her team is now almost 2000 strong and half a million in sales for the month!!!!!

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