Recruiting Call by Lisa Eriksson and Meaghan Vandeloo

Highlights from Lisa Eriksson and Meaghan Vandeloo’s Recruiting Call

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  1. Sharing the opportunity – Share what you’ve been up to that corresponds with Jamberry. Friend – “What have you been up to?” a. You – “Oh I just got back from Orlando being pampered by Jamberry at this Executive Retreat ::insertconference/eventhere::” b. “Oh I’m out shopping because I’m going to this Jamberry Nails convention.”
  2. What to do if someone mentions your nails: Prepare yourself ahead of time!!!! Always carry your samples
  3. What to say when you meet someone: “Hey would you like a sample”. Most of the time they say yes. Hand them a sample/bizcard stapled to a host/join brochure (located in the marketing materials section and you can use your MM Credits!!). ALSO, put a blank sticky note on the back ahead of time. Why? It’s a reminder to get their contact info and ask if you can follow up with them after they’ve tried their sample to see how their application went. Let them know they can text/email you as well if they have questions or need help.
  4. How to target leads: Don’t EVER pre-judge. You never know who is going to be a rockstar consultant and who is not. Ask EVERYONE. No excuses for them that you can’t help them overcome. (too busy, kids, full time job, etc.). Most of us have a need for supplemental income. Prejudging is bad!! People all join for different reasons. Wealthy people may join for friendship, people with high paying jobs sometimes just want the break/hobby. You never know WHY!
  5. Teach your team: for home parties have a sign at the table that says “If I don’t ask you to book a party or join my team, your order is FREE”. This breaks the ice and let’s them know to expect it and maybe think about it before you ask. If you don’t offer it to them, someone else will.
  6. Make a list of family and friends: Tell them “I have a list and you’re on it!” “Sally, I’m calling you because I know you see everything I’m doing with Jamberry. I promise you, I will never ask again…but you can now never say that I didn’t ask you. Do you have any interest in Jamberry? Would you like to try a sample? Would you like to book a party? Do you think this is something that you might want to do to earn extra income? Ok, well if it’s not for you, can you think of anyone else that might be interested?” Ask for the referral!!! Everyone has at least 100 people in their friends list that they could ask. You can do a referral gift (but NOT a gift for JOINING – that’s different).
  7. Roadblocks:
    1. I want to join but I don’t have the money. Lisa is NOT a fan of the kit credit. I had to borrow money to join….in the long run I feel like it is hurting the consultant. Party – we are using your friends and your family. Had she joined first, that’ve been her fast start, host rewards + retail sales and all her friends and family have already ordered. It’s education. Really make sure you educate the potential consultant. If you use kit credit, here’s the deal – your friends and family will be ordering off of my website and I will make the commission. If you join first, you get the commission and rewards and orders. If you don’t have the money – just wait or borrow the money to join. Really make sure you’ve educated them on your feelings why you shouldn’t do it.
      1. The “ask me about earning your kit for half price” is done for a LEAD…but then explain it and put it in their court but gear them towards joining first. Other DS consultants with other companies are open to joining Jamberry too!!! Maybe they are ready for a change?
    2. “Oh I have a friend already”- maybe they aren’t directly working with them but they know someone else who sells. Your response: “The cool thing about Jamberry is that we are all individual consultants, so we each have different cultures on our team. In my team, I work full time – so I am really tech savvy and I share everything with my team. So my girls that are also working full time outside of Jamberry don’t have to waste time making stuff. You should talk to so and so about her culture and how she runs her team. I’m going to have a million dollar business (10 leaders!) and I’m looking for partners who are going to make a lot of money with this and I want you to make an informed decision”.
      1. Never put down another consultant   Say to them “This is how I do things and I’m very big on working with my consultants and my number one thing is building a team”. Also, “The number one piece of advice I can give you in whether it’s me or anybody else you’ve already spoken to…is you have to do what feels right for you and who you feel you’ve clicked with. And if it’s not me, it’s ok and if it is me, I welcome you to the team. But whatever decision you make, you are absolutely going to love Jamberry
    3. How much info to share- Depends on the setting. Let the host/join brochure do the talking!!! Don’t “puke” on them with too much information at once…sometimes it’s just way too much. You can say “If you’re trying to make a decision about Jamberry, I’ll just ask you one simple question. Do you know anybody who paints their nails? Then you can sell Jamberry. You wear your Jamberry Nails and people ask you…just like you asked me today…it’s that simple.” “Now if you want to do this full time, that’s a whole ‘nother conversation. If you think this is for you, I would love for us to set aside 20 minutes to do a phone conversation and we can get in depth and I can go further into explaining those thing.”
    4. Team Sneak Peek/Opportunity Event – If you have someone interested then say, “Hey we ‘re having an event on FB in a couple of weeks, can I add you? Then follow up with them afterwards. Let your team members help answer their questions.
    5. Follow up!!!! – “Hey it’s Lisa with Jamberry just leaving a quick message. On a scale from 1-10, 1 being I’ll never join and 10 being you have your credit card out ready to join, where are you at?” If they are not a 10 say, “How can I help you get to a 10?”

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