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Party Tips with Kristen Schaffer

Kristen Schaffer Q&A – Party Tips from the Party Queen!

By Melissa Berg on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 12:50pm

I recently was in on a thread in the leaders group with Kristen Schaffer (the Queen of PRV – you’ve seen her!!!) and she was kind enough to give us some of her best party tips.  Love these!!!


Q:   Any tips Kristen?  Is there anything that sticks out as the most important thing to work on?


Kristen:  Great hosts!!! Get involved with the customers and make sure your host is involved… I really try and develop relationships with the customers in the party.


Q:  Kristen Rio Schaffer – do you do mostly in-home parties?


Kristen:  I do about 1-2 home parties a month… 90% all online


Q:  REALLY!?!  That’s amazing!!  Do you literally invite every person who comes to the party to host or join?


Kristen:  lol no I post the normal host and join info :-)… I call out people who like posts… If they like something I address them and I also message my host and tell her to stay on top of that person. Usually if someone likes a post they are interested enough to stay in the party, at that point its getting them to ask questions and order. So staying on top of them and giving them that extra push usually always works


Q:  when you say ‘get your hostess to stay on top of them’ do you mean have them message them and encourage them to buy before the party closes?


Kristen:  yes and also call them out in the comments… I call them “liking lurkers” they lurk around but don’t order. These are people who I think are skeptical. So having the host personally call them out as a friend pushes them. I notice that people clearly will not buy from me… I’m just the girl selling the silly stickers. BUT they will buy from an enthusiastic host!!! She needs to sell it to them. I am constantly behind the scenes PMing my hosts. I have so many “new” friends lol.  I make my hosts and customers top priority I friend lots of girls. If they keep showing interest I friend them. Weird? Maybe? but it works.


Q:  How do you get your hosts involved if they aren’t great hosts? Or can you? I’ve had a lot lately that do nothing, even when I’m messaging them and giving them pointers here and there.


Kristen:  I’ve learned to pick and choose hosts wisely lol… I only go out of my way for girls who I know are enthusiastic about the party. I have had too many duds and it drives me bonkers. I honestly have developed strong relationships with my hosts. I live in Mass and I am hosting my 3rd party in Alaska!!! I met these girls all last month but are now FB friends and we joke and laugh and I think it’s like we’ve been friends for a long time. They feel comfortable with me.  I’m sorta a nag lol but in a nice way 🙂  Katy Roth try and become close with them.. Make them feel comfortable with you. That way they will work with you more in the parties!!

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