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Hostess Coaching Email for an Event

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I used GMAIL CANNED RESPONSES (game changer!!) as templates for almost all of my business emails.  It saves SO much time having a template you can update and fill out for each person.  I try not to do too much communication via PM because it will get lost!!  Keep instructions via email so that they can easily reference it while planning their party! 🙂

Here is the text version and you may copy and paste as a template, but please change around the wording so that you are using your OWN voice!!  Not everyone talks the same, and family and/or friends will probably notice that you aren’t being genuine!  Being genuine is the key to building relationships with your hosts!!  Be sure to change links/info.



Thank you so much for hosting a party with me!!  I am so excited to help you share your love of Jamberry with your friends and family!  I want to help you earn as many hostess rewards as you can, so make sure to look at the hostess rewards chart!  If you have a goal in mind of what you’d like to earn, share it with me so I can best help you get there!!

Many of my hostesses try and earn a kit credit, which allows them to use a portion of their product credits earned towards a new consultant kit!  If I haven’t told you yet, you can earn 25-50% off of our starter kit that is Jam-packed with Exclusive wraps, products and business supplies!  Not only does joining as a consultant with a kit credit get you the best deal and a super low risk opportunity to earn extra income, but you also get a sweet discount on top of our B3G1 Free deal!  How awesome is that?

Let’s talk about your party!!!  So what are you responsible for as a hostess?  The biggest answer is FUN and participation!  Here are a few things you can do to help ensure a successful party:

  1. Make a Facebook Event 7 days before your party starts!  Go the Events section on the left hand column and click Create Event.  Name the party something fun or you can just call it “XXyournameXX’s Jamberry Party and upload one of the Cover Photos.  Make sure to include my website in the about section (  Also, before you hit Create – make sure it’s a private event at the top and add me as a host so I can schedule the pre-posts! 😉
  2. Who do you invite?  Everyone you know that paints their nails or who you think will love the product!  I would at least invite 30 people but try to keep it under 50 so that it still feels like a personal invite.
  3. What do you post?  The 1 main post I ask of every hostess is for their testimonial.  The first post in your party should be you posting your Jamicure and telling your story of WHY you love Jamberry and why you decided to host a party – and why you think your friends will love it too!  After that, here is a folder of Hostess Post examples from a very successful party:  Hostess Post Examples.  They key here is that the more involved you are, the more likely your friends will pay attention and purchase in your party.  I suggest no more than 2 posts per day leading up to the party and then the POST-PARTY suggested posts in the examples provided.
  4. Be active!!  Being active and interactive as much as possible in the party is important to engage your guests.  I want you to LIKE and COMMENT on every single post…and when a friend comments, keep the conversation going.  Feel free to break out and slip in a few personal posts of your own.  For example if you found a Jamicure that you love on Instagram…post it!!  Even better, tag a friend or two that you know would love it too!!
  5. Remind your guests!  The morning of the party, you can use the “MESSAGE GUESTS” feature (Under the RSVP’s) and message those who have RSVP’d YES and MAYBE to remind them about the party that night.  DO NOT CLICK “SEND AS GROUP MESSAGE”!!  You want these messages to be sent individually – people hate nothing more than being added to the dreaded group message!  Trust me! 😉

I will also be doing 2 pre-posts per day, 5 days leading up to the LIVE 1 HOUR EVENT so that your guests are educated on what Jamberry is and start inspiring their wish lists!  After the “Roll Call” post (where your guests announce their presence in the party at the party date/time) I will be going LIVE in the event and doing a 20 minute REMOVAL and APPLICATION demo for your guests!  They will also have a chance to ask me any questions live in the comments.  Be sure to comment during the live portion so that your friends know you are present and watching along with them.  I will be offering FREE SHIPPING the night of the party only as the party special!! 🙂

I really look forward to partying with you!!  Again, thank you so much for your business and excitement about Jamberry.  Your friends are going to love it!  If you have any questions, please let me know!


Melissa Berg

Lead Executive, Jamberry Independent Consultant


Instagram/Twitter: @melissa_berg

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