Host Coaching

Host Coaching

Hostess Coaching – adapted from the old Jamberry University!

Host coaching is critical for a successful party, and may be the single most important factor in your success as a Jamberry consultant. Coaching builds trust and a strong partnership with your hostess, which typically leads to increased bookings and sales. Always remember: A party worth holding is a party worth coaching!

Coaching Begins When You Book the Party

Host coaching begins at the party where you meet your new potential host. What you say and do during that short period of time is very important to the outcome of the demo. Each host becomes your partner, and this initial conversation sets the tone for that partnership.

First, have your new host select a date and time for her party. It is important to secure the date that night. You will save a lot of time by not having to backtrack, play “phone tag” or hound your hostess for a date. Setting the date solidifies the party in your host’s mind and shows you that she is serious about having the show.

If she is uncertain and says, “I’d like to check my calendar and get back with you,” or “I’d like to check with my friends to see what night is best for them,” simply say: “Why don’t we pick a tentative date tonight. I’ll pencil you in, and if you need to change the date, give me a call tomorrow. What’s better for you, a weekend or weekday?” It’s important to hold the party within 10 to 14 days. This will keep your host’s enthusiasm high.

Once the party is booked, go over the Host Success Planner with her. This can be found in your workstation. Show her the guest list section. Emphasize how important this is to a successful party. Encourage her to invite everyone she can think of because only about one-third of the invited guests usually attend. Explain the importance of having at least 30 to 40 names on the list. Ask her to invite friends and relatives who live outside of the area, and provide them the opportunity to place orders online if they can’t attend. Also suggest she make a flyer or post an invitation that includes online ordering information on the bulletin board at her workplace.

Get her excited about sharing the experience with her friends! Tell her you’re thrilled to be doing her party and that her friends and family members are going to have a great time. Ask her to pick a theme and then put corresponding stickers on the invitations to get the guests thinking “Fun!” ahead of time. For example, stickers could say things like “It’s Margaritas and Manicures” or “It’s Girls’ Night Out!” or “It’s a Happy Hour! Come after work!” Tell her your goal is to make sure her party is a success and that her friends are glad they came.

Keep Her Excited By Keeping In Touch

If a party you have scheduled is two or three weeks away, you need to contact your hostess at least three times prior to the party. If the party is more than three weeks away, you can contact her more than three times. Regular contact prior to the party will keep your hostess enthused and help improve attendance when the date arrives.

A detailed “Host Coaching Checklist” is included at the end of this lesson. It can also be found in your Workstation. Follow this checklist carefully as you make the three main calls to your hostess. Here is a general outline of what you will cover during these three calls.

  • Within 24 to 48 hours after providing the host packet, call your hostess to thank her for booking the party. Confirm the date and theme, discuss the “Host Success Planner,” encourage her to over-invite, mention promotions, and review the details of the demo.
  • Approximately five days after your first call – depending on the date of the demo – call your hostess again to renew her enthusiasm. Let her know how excited you are for the party, discuss her guest list, encourage her to invite out-of-town guests to place orders, and ask if she has thought more about the business opportunity. Point out that leads from the party would be a great start for her business.
  • Two to three days before the party, call your hostess to see how many guests she’s talked to and how many she expects to attend. Stress the importance of giving everyone on the list a personal call and reminding them to bring a friend. If a hostess has not received many RSVPs and/or hasn’t called all the guests, she may feel discouraged or think no one is interested. It’s up to you to get her excited again, to encourage her to keep inviting guests, and to ensure her that she will have a great party even if only a few people attend. Also, get directions and travel time to the host’s home.

Hostesses Make the Best Consultants

Good hostess coaching is one of the best ways to recruit new consultants, so offer the business opportunity to every hostess. Invite your new host to join your team. When you give your new hostess her packet say:

“Sarah, I began my career as a hostess. Have you ever thought of doing something this? (Wait for her response). Well, here’s some information. Read through it and see what you think. I’ll give you a call in a couple of days. We could make this your launch party!”

After her party, tell her how much she would have earned if she had been the consultant conducting the party. Explain that the cost of her kit would be covered by the sales and bookings from her party, so starting a business would be easy. To further encourage her you can say:

“Sarah, I’m so happy that some of your friends have booked parties tonight! I want to mention that you can go to their party to spend money or you can make money by becoming a consultant and doing their parties for them! Have you thought any more about giving this Jamberry a try?”

Helping someone host a party for one evening is great, but it is even better if you can build a long and prosperous business relationship. Successful host coaching is your best opportunity to build those relationships and grow a thriving Jamberry business.

The Hostess Packet

Take six prepared host packets to every party you attend so you are prepared for additional bookings. A host packet contains:

  • A Host Success Planner (found on your workstation to print off and/or order)
  • 2 to 4 Catalogs (a few to circulate for outside orders and one for your host to create her wish list.)
  • 4 or 5 order forms for your host to collect outside orders
  • Monthly hostess special flyer and copy of the Monthly Sister’s Style Exclusive
  • Host/Join Brochure
  • Postcard invitations
  • Optional: A thank you letter for booking the party (This could be sent separately if host packet was handed out in person the night of the party when she booked.)

Let your hostess know that outside orders count toward her free product credit even though those customers don’t attend the party. When she is placing personal calls to invite her guests, and someone says they are unable to attend, advise her to say the following:

“I’m sorry you can’t make it to the party. I really think you’ll be excited about these products! I’d love to have you take a look at the catalog; there are so many items I know you’ll love, and all orders count toward my party! When can I bring it by?”

Be sure to put your name, phone number and email address on every catalog and piece of literature you hand out.

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