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Home Party Tips

What to Bring:

-Heater(s) (as well as extra hair dryers and rice packs if you wish!)

-Application Kit – with extra files, alcohol wipes, orangesticks, and rubber cuticle pushers. Buffers can be cut into one or two inch squares to pass out to multipleguests.


-Any personal inventory you may have…try to have at LEASTone full sheet (White Tip is nice to have, so you can explain sizing) and a JamJr. sheet!

-Computer or iPad for showing pictures


-Order Form


-Business Cards

-Door Prize Slips



-Consider creating a little collection of items to pass out to each guest.  This should include atleast a catalog, pen, alcohol wipe, buffer square, orange stick, file, businesscard and sample. You could also include a little welcome note, a Join/Hostbrochure, You can use a mason jar, a solo cup, or a bag to put everything in!

-If you’d rather not do individualized packets, try puttingthe files, orange sticks, scissors, and cuticle pushers into little masonjars.  Extra points if you tie a bowaround them

-Get the catalogs in their hands right away!  Suggest that they write down their favorites…getthem addicted right away

-You could put your personal inventory in 4×6 photo albums…wholesheets in one and half sheets in another! Or take an empty picture frame…secure rows of string, twine, or picturehanging wire in the middle, and hang some sheets from the strings!  Decoration AND practical!

-Have stations. Separate areas for heating and application, trimming, ordering, food,etc.

-Have pictures ofJams on hands scrolling on your computer while people are mingling!  Then you may want to pick the most helpfulpictures from the party script to scroll through while you’re giving yourpresentation about Jamberry.  It makestalking so much easier when people are looking at pictures instead of lookingjust at you!

-You could use a party card system…hand out laminated party cards tothe guests to read – then have matching scripted cards to read in response totheir card. You can also have a Power Point presentation to go along you’reyour talking points for a visual.  Thisway you are touching a variety of senses!

-You may want to haveall checks made out to the Hostess, and have the hostess use her credit cardfor the order.  That way you don’t haveto worry about waiting for checks to clear!




I LEFT my house today andheaded on over to Jessi’s house. I knew I was headed in the RIGHT direction forfun. I arrived RIGHT on time and quickly set up my Jamberry display. Then youall arrived and sat RIGHT down – thank you!

I will get RIGHT to work and tell you all about our wonderfulcompany, hostess program and income opportunity. I hope nothing will be LEFTout.

In a moment I will be telling you all about Jamberry nail wraps.If you LEFT home with the intention of shopping for gifts, remember, we havethe RIGHT gifts for everyone! Be sure to review your shopping list for upcomingbirthdays, holidays and special occasions. We wouldn’t want anyone to be LEFTout!

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, you can buy inconfidence know there is a 100% money back guarantee! When your wraps comes in,please check it RIGHT away and if something is not RIGHT, please ask Jessie tocall me and you can be sure I will take care of it RIGHT away and make itRIGHT! You won’t want to be LEFT with something your not 100% satisfied with,RIGHT?

If you’d like to be a hostess and earn some free Jamberry wraps,you’ll want to picking out a date RIGHT away for your show before my calendaris too full! You see, when you host a Jamberry show, you can get the wraps onyour wish list at the RIGHT price….which is FREE! I always say, “If it’s FREE,it’s for me!”

Or maybe it’s the RIGHT time for you to explore joining Jamberryas a Consultant. I have been LEFT absolutely speechless by how good thiscompany is to it’s consultants! The income opportunity is limitless, you cantruly set your own schedule, meet lots of wonderful women, get FREE nail wraps,earn fabulous incentive trips, and best of all, you get to have beautiful nailsall the time. For a small investment of $99, you can start getting paid everyFriday! So you see, there’s no risk in giving it a try RIGHT now. What do youhave to lose, RIGHT?

I’m enjoying being here with all of you today and I hope thatyou will have fun!. I know you can’t wait to learn more about Jamberry, sowithout further delay, I will get RIGHT to the point of this demonstration,which is showing you to have salon quality nails for a fraction of the price!Follow along closely! I don’t want anyone to be LEFT behind! Therefore, thereis really nothing LEFT for me to do now…except to congratulate our winner!RIGHT?

-Catalog ScavengerHunt

-Purse Game

-Necklace Game:

Bring something that can be used as a necklace for everyone at the party.  During the party, the guests can’t say theword “nail”. The person with the most necklaces at the end of the party, wins aprize.



-Consider having agift for the hostess for having the party – a half sheet of wraps, an orangestick, a nail file, and maybe some candy. This might boost interest in someone having their OWN party!

-You could have agag gift of a jar of Smucker’s JAM

-Door Prize(s) –sheets or ½ sheets of nail wraps

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