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Home Party – Full Service Checkout

Home Party Full Service Checkout – adapted from the old Jamberry University

The time you spend with each quest at the end of a demonstration is important to gaining higher sales, repeat customers and new team members. Here is some dialogue you can consider using during our Full Service Checkout:

Sarah, your nails look great! Did you have fun tonight? (Wait for answer.)

Did you think our nail wraps were easy to apply? Great! So what three wraps do you want to purchase this evening? Remember, when you buy three, you’ll get the fourth one free! (Wait for answer.)

Would you like to add the Jamberry Application Kit for just $19.99(USD)? (Wait for answer.) This is a great value and will take the typical transaction from $45 to $65(USD).

Sarah, you had fun and saw how affordable and easy our nails are – do you have any friends who would want to save time and money while getting gorgeous nails? (Wait for answer.)

I’d love to help them, and it would also let you get your reorder free or at a big discount. So, would you consider having a Jamberry Nails home party with your friends? They’ll love you for it! (Wait for answer.)

You must ask her if she would be willing to have a party. It is very unlikely that she is going to come to you and ask if you would help her host a party. You will not book a party unless you ask. If she says yes, get the date on your calendar right then, by saying:

“Great! Would you prefer a weekend or weeknight? (Wait for answer.)

Remember that sometimes people simply can’t make a decision. People’s lives are extremely busy. By giving them some choices, you are much more likely to get a party booked.

Is during the day or evening best for you? (Wait for answer.)

Ok, is THIS date or THIS date better? (Wait for answer.)

What time do you prefer? (Wait for answer.)

Wonderful! I’ve got you down for DAY, DATE and TIME. Now, let’s finish up what you want to get tonight.

Selling Jamberry products is “soft selling” because our nail wraps sell themselves – they are attractive and affordable. You want to be assertive, but not aggressive. While selling our products is one of your main goals at parties, you also want to book additional Jamberry Nails parties. You’ll find it’s easier to book parties AT parties where guests are having fun and excited about our products and prices.

Having parties on your weekly calendar means you’ll meet more people and create a steady stream of customers. Some of these customers will become part of your team, others will remain customers for life, and some will introduce you to people who will do both!

As you are packing up, some women may want to help you. Let them! Often, these guests are hesitant to ask about hosting a home party or finding out more about becoming a consultant. So be mindful of the questions they may have. You may hear things like:

  • Is this all yours? (Referring to products)
  • How many nights a week do you do this?
  • Can you really make good money?
  • How long have you been doing it?

Recognize that they’re asking questions to learn more without specifically expressing interest. Be sure to answer in a way that directs them toward the business. Here are some great responses to the questions above:

  • “Yes, it’s all mine. Some of it came in my kit, and the rest I’ve been able to earn through incentives with the company.”
  • “I try to average one to two parties a week, but that’s the beauty of this! You can work it around your own schedule. Getting parties is easy because I’m a walking advertisement for my products!”
  • Give an example here of what can be earned or what your personal earnings have been.
  • Tell her how long you’ve been in the business.

After answering your guests’ questions you can always ask: “Would you like to take home an information packet?”

This script is just an outline. The more Jamberry Nail home parties you do, the more you’ll add your own style to your conversations. You will also have more testimonials you can share from your customers and friends. But always remember to follow the outline presented in this lesson to keep your presentations focused and on track. You will have great success if you make your parties fun and interactive, so always let your guests talk and participate.

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