Bookings, What To Say

Groups of Leads from Parties!

Groups Of Leads From Parties.PNG

The EASIEST way to keep your booking pipeline full, is to continue to book parties from parties!!  These are the THREE KEY GROUPS to watch out for during your parties!!

  1. The Party Purchaser – has made a purchase in the party and you should already have a PM going with them developing a relationship!  Simple ASK them.  “Hey so and so, thank you so much for your purchase!  Have you ever considered hosting a party yourself to earn free and discounted Jamberry?  You can also earn a permanent discount by joining as a hobbyist or consultant.  What do you think?”
  2. Sample Snagger – They are already intrigued enough to try the product and maybe they have voiced that they haven’t purchased because they can’t afford it just right now.  This is an EASY tie in to ask them to host a party so that they can earn their Jamberry for FREE!!
  3. Liking Lurker – Oh you know those types!!  A like here and there and maybe even a comment somewhere on a game!!  DO NOT COUNT THEM OUT!!!  Some people like to hang back and you never know if they have their cart full with a bunch of stuff but simply didn’t check out because you have not formulated a relationship with them yet!!  Strike up a convo!!  PM them and say “Hey girl!  I’ve noticed you’ve like a couple of my posts.  Did you have any questions about the product or need help matching up a B3G1 Free order?”

Even so called “DEAD” parties have SOMETHING going on!!!  SO if no one has purchased, don’t throw in the towel!!!  PM those who have done something in the party and start building relationships to either seal the deal on a purchase or get a booking out of it!!  🙂

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