Business Tips, Incentive Trip

Earning The Jamberry Incentive Trip


(or how to increase your Jam-business)…this document contains information from MANY documents.


(From the Success Factory

1) Whenever possible, give your product as a gift.

2) Ask every single customer if they would like to join you in your business.

3) Promote your business as a “family” business and give examples.

4) Remember your customer’s children and spouse’s names

5) Don’t be pushy; sincerely and honestly tell potential recruits why they would be good at this!

6) Leave your old catalogs in public places with “Help Wanted” stickers

7) If someone feels they are too busy because they are already employed outside the home, tell them they can be the “on-site” consultant for your company.

8) BE EXCITED about what you do!

9) Indirect method of asking “Do you know of anyone who might be interested…”

10) Follow up within 24-48 hours.

11) Keep information given simple and to the point.

12) “Take away” method of asking… “I don’t know if this would be right for you, but this has been the best thing for me and my family…”

13) Put business cards in all of your bills.

14) Have a recruiting message on your answering machine.

15) Laminate a kit flier to pass around at your parties.

16) Put recruiting information in every hostess packet

17) Send recruiting information out with every catalog

18) Give recruiting information to every guest with their catalog and order form.

19) Use your products

20) Ask guests at parties lots of questions about themselves to determine needs

21) Be sure your top customers know they can always buy your products at as discount when they join as a consultant.

22) Leave recruiting fliers in grocery stores on bulletin boards

23) Tell people your company is having a contest to see who can talk to the most people about the business.

24) Practice your recruiting presentation on a friend or relative.

25) Ask every waitress if they would like to be able to earn some extra cash.

26) Ask pregnant store clerks if they would like a way to earn income from home after the baby is born.

27) Ask for referrals.

28) Offer $25.00 in free product to anyone who refers someone to you who joins the company.

29) Anyone who holds a garage sale has that entrepreneurial spirit. Shop late in the day when they aren’t busy and chat with them about having their own business all the time!

30) Advertise at libraries (most have areas where you can leave fliers)

31) Offer your services as a speaker

32) Check into fairs and festivals in your area

33) Participate in vendor fairs with other self employed people.

34) Look for job fairs in your area.

35) Become a member of the local Chamber of Commerce

36) Join a local LEADS club.

37) Keep your parties short, sweet and to-the-point.

38) Make your job look fun

39) Make your job look easy and duplicatible

40) Listen to good information on recruiting

41) Collect 100 “no’s”!

42) Ask for help from your upline recruiter or manager

43) Put your “story” in every catalog

44) Talk about your business everywhere.

45) Make a note of how you spend the profits from your business and mention it at parties

46) Put a “sale” sticker on everything in your catalog that is in your kit

47) Send postcards to potential recruits from company sponsored events like conventions and trips!

48) Know the percentage that buying your kit saves.

49) Know how to fill out recruiting agreements.

50) Know how much a kit costs and how one can pay for it.

51) Have lots of recruiting information on hand.

52) Make up 50 recruiting packets and put them on your desk as a visual … think how many new team members you will have as that pile shrinks.

53) Keep a recruiting notebook of everyone you’ve talked to about the business.

54) Follow up, follow up, follow up!

55) The next time you receive a call from a telemarketer, ask them if they like their job and then tell them about yours (worse case, they’ll hang up on you!!!)

56) Put your catalog in baby changing stations.

57) Leave your business card in lockers at the gym or pool.

58) At least once a year call through your entire customer base

59) Anytime anyone calls you (about your business), be sure to say… “before I let you go, I’m looking for people to join me in this business, do you know of anyone who might like more information about doing what I do?”

60) Encourage people at parties to ask questions about what you do.

61) Declare a monthly recruiting goal, and share that goal with your spouse.

62) Post your goal in several places around the house.

63) Take your monthly goal, multiply by 10 and then number the lines of a spiral notebook accordingly. (example, if 4 a month is your goal, number 1-40 on individual lines). This is your Master List of new people to talk to each month about the business.

64) Break your goal down to a daily level of activity (in the above example, you would need to ask 2 people to join you each day – Monday through Friday).

65) Ask your hostess to help you look for potential recruits at her party.

66) Let your hostess know anyone you recruit at her party would be on her team.

67) Call up potential recruits and let them know they were on your mind & why.

68) Don’t get discouraged.

69) Remember, you are sorting NOT convincing!

70) Tell people to put your business card in their wallet and if their wallet is ever empty, to give you a call!

71) Make sure that friends and relatives are on the lookout for people who might join you in the business.

72) Make sure friends and relatives know what it is that you do!

73) Book and hold lots of parties!

74) Display “Help Wanted” signs at your parties

75) Ask top recruiters in your company to share their best tip

76) Play lively upbeat music on your way to your parties

77) Make a goal to pass out information to at least 2 people at every party you do.

78) Mention recruiting in non-direct ways at your parties by story telling (my kids love that I can go on field trips with them because my hours are so flexible!)

79) Ask your hostess to think of every pregnant person and every teacher she knows

80) Don’t prejudge!
81) When talking with someone you don’t know, ask them what they do (they’ll ask you back!)

82) Have a great 10 second commercial about what you do!

83) Talk about the great tax benefits that you are able to take advantage of because you have a home business.

84) Think about WHY you joined and WHY you LOVE what you do!

85) Ask neighbors to “test” products for you.

86) Listen, listen, listen to what people say at parties and when mingling in crowds. You never know what you might hear!

87)IF I COULD SHOW YOU A WAY…( “If I could show you a way that you could work from home and not have your children in daycare, would you be interested?”)

88) ALPHABET SOUP! – Think of potential prospects by letters of the alphabet (who do you know who is an Accountant, Banker, Clerk) you get the picture!

89) Have your upline manager or recruiter role play a recruiting appointment with you

90) Have your manager or upline recruiter listen in on your recruiting phone calls and critique your technique

91) Observe a party given by a consultant who is a strong recruiter in your area

92) Get as much training as you can on recruiting….it will help you stay focused!

93) Critique yourself! After each recruiting phone call or appointment, journal what went well and what you’ll do differently next time. Learn from your mistakes!

94) Work to cultivate a large POOL of potential recruits! That way you’re not focusing on the same people over and over again.

95) FAYC (Forget about yourself completely)..when you are focused on what your business will do for others, you will NEVER feel like you are pushing; you’re giving a gift!

96) Work on recruiting daily and it will become a habit, like brushing your teeth!

97) Talk about “job testing” the business!

98) Put stickers on the products in your display that are a part of the start up kit.

99) Don’t take “no’s” personally…you’re that much closer to a yes.

100) Don’t forget to close after giving information…. “So, what do you think??”

101) JUST DO IT!!!!



  • Irritating
  • Uneasy
  • Nervous
  • Awkward
  • Strained
  • Distress


Things to do to be uncomfortable in your business for one month:

  • Clear your calendar and book a ton of shows. Let your family know they will be uncomfortable too.
  • Make huge goals that don’t even sound attainable
  • Focus ALL your energy on your business for that one month…ALL YOUR ENERGY!
  • Let things go at home (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.) and with your friends (lunch dates, emails, Facebook, etc.). Let those around you know what you’re doing and that you’ll get back to them in a month.
  • Stay focused on TODAY and what needs to be done TODAY.
  • Your goals might not be reached but imagine all the new business you’ll have. Imagine the possibilities
  • It’s all worth being uncomfortable for just one month.
  • My UNCOMFORTABLE MONTH is: __________________________________


Now…tell your family, your director, your best friend, those who support you all about your UNCOMFORTABLE MONTH and start to make it happen! YOU CAN DO THIS.


FAMILY                                                                                   FRIENDS

NEIGHBORS                                                                     COLLEAGUES (from current or past jobs)

SPOUSES COLLEAGUES                                                         PEOPLE FROM HOLIDAY CARD LIST

FRIENDS from school/college/university                        DOCTORS/DENTISTS/PROFESSIONALS

CONTACTS THRU CHILDREN                                                 FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS OF                               (school, sports, music, babysitters)                                           YOUR GROWN CHILDREN

PEOPLE FROM RELIGIOUS                                                        SOON TO BE BRIDES OR                                   ORGANIZATIONS                                                                       BRIDESMAIDS

PEOPLE FROM PLACES YOU DO BUSINESS (salon, post office, bank, dry cleaners, coffee)



PEOPLE WHO WANT TO EARN ADDITIONAL                    SOCIAL CONTACTS INCOME       (for a trip, wedding, remodeling, tuition, retirement             (civic groups, health club, sports)


65 Direct Sales Booking Ideas

Please add YOUR direct sales booking ideas in the comment section below because I know that there are MORE ways than this to get bookings!

  1. Realtors, mortgage broker, home remodeling gifts
  2. Home owners organization clubhouse shows
  3. Bingo: donate gifts to fill basket bingo
  4. Use your catalog not your business card
  5. Have an open house (but call it a practice show) & invite everyone you meet for 3 weeks before the show (get follow-up numbers)
  6. Leave old catalogs in waiting rooms all over town
  7. Attend fairs, expos, food festivals as a guest and network with the vendors
  8. Hang posters on community bulletin boards
  9. Change hair, nail, spa salons every time you go
  10. Tell the HO if you are bilingual
  11. Do video tape shows, instead of catalog shows
  12. Put up fish bowls/prize drawings at businesses
  13. Teach classes at the gym, grocery store, doctor
  14. Offer yourself as a FREE public speaker
  15. Swap business services
  16. Attend fairs, expos, food festivals as a vendor
  17. Hang out at the (kitchen tool, makeup, toy, etc.) aisle at your local department store
  18. Join the Chamber of Commerce
  19. Visit Chamber of Commerce networking events as a guest
  20. Get a book at the Chamber of Commerce for non-profit organizations
  21. Don’t forget special interest or small town Chambers for all of the above
  22. Join network marketing support groups
  23. Visit networking support groups as a guest (a different one each month)
  24. Offer your services at the community center, Spanish center, etc.
  25. Set up a table on neighborhood yard sale days
  26. Bring cookies -You always get what you want when you bring cookies
  27. Offer business luncheon shows
  28. Strike up conversations at McDonald’s play land, parks
  29. Ask for referrals for/from other services
  30. Do fun-raiser shows in front of the grocery store
  31. Talk to schools, fund-raisers, catalog in teachers lounge, show before PTA meeting
  32. Put displays at bridal locations
  33. Promote kids birthday parties (you are the entertainment)
  34. Help the girl/boy scouts get badges
  35. Take your office with you everywhere (people will see you working and ask)
  36. Soccer/sport tail gate parties
  37. Give out gift cards or contact info on Halloween with the candy
  1. Include your contact information on the back of your Christmas cards
  2. Run a weekly/monthly/quarterly prize drawing and invite people you meet out and about to join
  3. Carry little gift bags everywhere you go to hand out (always get contact info when you give a gift)
  4. Stop at every car wash/bake sale fund-raiser; buy something then ask about their cause
  5. Follow up with every customer using a customer centric customer care script
  6. Contact churches, advertise in church bulletin, fund-raisers
  7. Offer your demo services at stores, gyms or other related businesses to provide value to them
  8. Take your product with you to events whenever possible.
  9. Advertise in football or music programs, alumni newsletters
  10. Trade home parties with other consultants in other companies
  11. Trade services/referrals with other companies consultants by handing out each others mini-brochures
  12. Contact colleges for opportunity events
  1. Contact past purchasers about appropriate upcoming specials based on there past purchase
  2. Pamper a business Day at your bank, dentist, any business
  3. Go to sports events and connect with the band booster clubs
  4. Tape your grocery list to a catalog to go shopping with
  5. Schedule your own shows in restaurants or bars for fund-raisers, multiple hosts or just for fun (Motorcycle clubs love bar shows!)
  6. Have custom note cards made with your business info on the back (or use a service for sending cards that customizes them for your business)
  7. Move into new neighborhoods by offering a get to know the neighbor residential community show
  8. Offer “last week of school” teacher shows to celebrate all the teachers who have a birthday, baby shower or wedding over the Summer
  9. Offer entertainment workshops or fundraisers to apartment complexes
  10. Ask the manager of apartment complexes or condo communities if you can distribute fliers
  11. Hook up with the local welcome “wagon” and put something in their basket (It is not called that any more but many communities have one)
  12. Offer entertainment workshops or fundraisers to condo – resident groups
  13. Offer entertainment workshops or fundraisers to employee relations committees (all hospitals have them)
  14. If your company allows it use FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Pinterest (all social sites) use them consistently… they really work!
  15. If your company allows it, start a blog to share about your products, opportunity and services.
  16. Brand your car with a magnet or a decal and be loud and proud in a roving billboard!



Training by Diane Kidwell

  • Mega Month: take one month and do a ton of biz. Be UNCOMFORTABLE
  • Dictionary definition of UNCOMFORTABLE: irritating, uneasy, nervous, awkward, strained, distress
  • Mega Month and Uncomfortable go hand in hand…and your Jam biz will THANK YOUJ.
  • Here’s what you’ll need to do first: clear your calendar
  • book a ton of shows
  • Let your family know they will be uncomfortable too.
  • Make HUGE goals that don’t even sound attainable.
  • Stay focused on TODAY and what needs to be done TODAY.
  • Your goals might not be reached but imagine all the new business you’ll have.
  • Imagine the possibilities.
  • It’s all worth being uncomfortable for just one month.
  • “My UNCOMFORTABLE MONTH is:____________________”
  • Now…tell your family, your recruiter, your best friend, those who support you all about your UNCOMFORTABLE MONTH and start to make it happen.










Ideas for lots of Jam parties:

  • 30 Shows in 30 Days: That means submitting 30 shows within a calendar month. Live parties, catalog parties, FB parties, fundraisers; all show types count.
  • Book, book, book…ask, ask, ask. If you don’t ask, someone else will. Pick up the phone, send a text, send an email, write a handwritten note, do all of them…JUST ASK! Tell the people you’re asking what you’re doing. Tell them about your goal. Most people want to help someone achieve a goal.
  • What happens if you don’t reach that goal? NOTHING…but your business will be better just for setting the goal and going for it.
  • Weekend Booking Blitz: Friday night (1 show), Saturday morning, afternoon and evening (3 shows) and Sunday afternoon and evening (2 shows)…that’s 6 Jamberry parties in ONE WEEKEND! Imagine all the business you’ll get from that. Recruit leads, future parties and lots of sales.
  • Daytime parties with mom’s groups, lunch time quick demo’s for teachers or other office workers, tailgate demo at a child’s sporting event, PTA organizations, church organizations, anywhere there are ladies or moms & daughters. Think outside the box. Our demo/presentation can be very quick.
  • One On One’s…set a big goal to meet with people individually. Set yourself up at a Starbucks for a few hours, drink coffee and share Jamberry.
  • Pass out Host/Join brochures in your neighborhood with an invitation to your Jamberry Open House…FUN neighborhood ladies event. This would be great to do towards the end of August when the new catalogs arrive for fall.
  • Mega Show…one location…several hosts…lots of guests. Do this at your house or a location…then decide how many people can attend. You can even do this as a rotating party for several hours. Host #1 and her guests come at 5 pm, then Host #2 and her guests come at 5:30 pm, etc…quick demo, booking & recruiting talk, they shop…then you rotate and do it for the next group of ladies. You could do this all day on a Saturday and have a ton of hosts and guests come thru.
  • Fundraisers…these can be a huge boost to your travel points. ASK all organizations, groups, all your friends with kids. Ask your friends what causes they support and ask them to do a fundraiser (online or in person).



Put together an Action Plan for yourself:

  • Plan for your BIGGEST MONTH EVER!
  • Make designated times to be on the phone…then DO IT!
  • Hold yourself accountable. Get a Mega Month accountability partner…someone who you don’t know well…so you can’t just blow it off and get coffeeJ.
  • Reward yourself along the way…but remember the big reward is all the business you’ll get in a 30 day period and what that will do for your future business.




  • What you are doing now impact the next 90 days.
  • How your spring season starts impacts how your summer season builds.
  • How your summer business builds impacts how strong 2014 ends.
  • Ok…before you go to bed and dream about Jamberry, make the decision to have a Mega Month. Decide if it will be August or September…the sooner the better! Do it and message your recruiter and tell them what month you’re doing. GO FOR IT!!! Make it awesome.

Jamberry Nails Training “You Plus Two”

Diane Kidwell 2013

LEADS: Where to find them

  • List of 100
  • One on One’s
  • Drop samples at: Doctor’s offices, banks, nail salons, anywhere you do business or where there are ladies working (ask for suggestions)
  • Your previous shows that were cancelled or postponed…contact them
  • Your own Nail Demo (host at your own home every month or season)

ASK: When you ask

  • Be excited! Excitement excites others. But be YOU.
  • Talk about the new and generous Host Rewards (more FREE products, Exclusive Host shield, monthly exclusive shield (current trends)
  • one of the most generous Host Rewards in the DS industry


  • When you hear “You Plus Two” who are the first 2 people you think of?
  • sister
  • mother
  • other family
  • best friend or close friends
  • neighbor
  • someone in another town/state
  • co-worker or former co-worker
  • friend of a friend who loves nails
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?






  • They’ll love being a part of Jamberry as much as you do
  • Why did you join Jamberry? Always remember that and how you felt
  • It’s part of our job (book demos, sell product, recruit new consultants)
  • Build a Team = more money = career level promotions
  • Self growth and self satisfaction of helping others
  • Incentive trip points – this is the best way to earn points and earn the trip. You grow your business, bigger paychecks and more incentive points…all at once.


  • Make a list of at least 10 people (at the very least…go back to List of 100)
  • Pick up the phone (voice to voice is best way…they can hear your excitement) and tell them about your Jamberry business.
  • Say why they would make a great consultant (“you love fun nail accessories”, “You are outgoing”, “you’re at home during the day and might like getting out a few nights a month”, “you mentioned wanting/needing more money”…be specific in the compliment)
  • Tell them Jamberry is growing fast and it really is a Ground Floor opportunity right now.
  • Explain how you’d love to work with them and have them on your team.
  • The…STOP TALKING…let them respond. See what they say.
  • Answer only the questions they are asking…don’t over answer things. Each person joins Jamberry for a different reason. Maybe they’re not interested in earning a trip. Maybe they just want to pay off a bill or have extra grocery money. Answer THEIR question…not yours.
  • At the very least they’ll appreciate your compliment. Maybe they’ve never considered doing direct sales and now you’ve just planted the seed.
  • They might say YES right away. They might have questions. Keep it simple.
  • Then…ASK THEM TO JOIN YOUR TEAM. If you don’t ask them…someone else will.
  • “No, not right now.”…ask for REFERRALS. Always ask the person you’re talking to for referrals all over the country.
  • YES!!! Great, let’s get your kit ordered and get you started



Keep track of leads:

  • Have a spiral note pad. Each page is a lead. Write their information on the page OR type their prize drawing slip to that page. The take notes…when you talked to them, something about them that helps you remember who they are. What they said about becoming a consultant, etc. This helps us remember things about them to personalize our conversations and communication with them.
  • Set a recruiting goal. Always have a goal…always.
  • Don’t prejudge who you’re talking to. We never know who needs us and when they need us. It’s not always about the commission, it might be about the friendships, or recognition, or travel, or just to have their own “thing”. Offer our business opportunity to everyone.
  • 24-hour FB team page Pass. Offer this to those interested in seeing what we’re all about. You must message me their name…then announce them on the team page so we can all welcome them. They are welcome to look around, ask questions, and gather information.
  • You Plus Two…who will be the TWO you add to your team?
  • Email me that you’ve listened to this call… and tell me your favorite tip. I have something special I’ll email you that you can print use at each of your demos and vendor events. It’s a sign that says “I love Jamberry Nails and you will too! If I don’t ask you to book a party or join my team, your order is FREE!!” It holds us accountable to ASKING everyoneJ



  • Put recruiting information in host packet. Choose from one or more of these (you can find these on your Paperwork Supply Order Form):

Discover Us Brochure

Your Life Your Way DVD

Join Us Brochure

Any special recruiting incentives that may be ongoing


  • Separate mailing of recruiting information only to host

Do this with a short letter to the host only if you choose not to put information in your host packets


  • Offer to give bookings from show in the first host coaching call.

“Many of my hosts decide to become consultants, so I always like to check and see if this is anything you have ever thought about doing? I know several of your friends will want to hold a show of their own once we do your show, and I don’t want to have you decide to do this later, only to find out I’ve already done shows for all of your friends. If I know up front, then I can give you all those bookings to start your own business. If you have any questions about the business as we go through the process of getting ready for your party, please ask me.””


  • Discuss the Host Kit Credit during host coaching

This is part of our host plan, so it should be brought up during the coaching process


  • Discuss the opportunity any time your host does something right

When host says she sent out all invites – “Great job. I can tell you’re really excited about your party and that you’ll be a great host. Many of my most successful consultants were hosts first – have you ever thought of doing what I do?”


  • Plant seeds pre-show (“kitchen coaching”)

Once you arrive at your host’s house, you’ll have time to spend with her before the guests arrive. This is your opportunity to ask if he/she has given any more thought to becoming a Consultant. Again, make sure you point out what he/she has done right, and that you would enjoy working with him/her. Make sure you “invite” him/her to join your team. “You have really done a great job organizing everything for your party, and you have been so fun to work with. I would love to work with you and have you as part of my team – have you given any more thought to doing what I do?”


At this point you have probably built a rapport with your host through the coaching process, so they like and trust you. People join people – not companies. It doesn’t mean they will join your company over another one, but if it comes down to a choice, they will join you if they like you.



  • When doing prize drawing slip, advertise for your host if she is thinking about doing signing.

Make sure you ask the host if it’s okay to advertise for her before doing this. “Susie host is thinking about doing what I do, so watch what I do tonight to see if you would like Susie to come to your house and do the same thing for you, or you might even want to join her and start your own business too If you’d like to consider being one of her first hosts, would you put an “X” in the box that asks that question”. (If you don’t have the PD slip that asks about host being consultant, then ask them to put a “heart” next to the show booking box.)


  • Review the prize drawing slips and remind host she has XXX number of bookings that you will give her to start her business.

Check to see how many hearts are on the prize drawing slips and then say, “Did you know that XXXX people have agreed to have shows for you to help get your business started. Would you like to use some of the points from your show towards your starter kit, or do you just want to use the points to fill in your kit with some extra products?”


  • As you close the party, review Host Kit Credit again. This is part of our host plan, so it’s your job to mention it. Remind her about the bookings too.

“As a reminder, you can put $40 of your free product money towards the cost of a starter kit. Have you given any more thought to this?”


Or, if you haven’t approached them at all up to this point, “I’m not sure if what I’m doing has sparked any interest with you, but you are (so organized, have a great personality, etc. – whatever you’ve noticed), and I would love to have someone like you on my team, so I need to let you know that you can put $40 of your free product money towards a starter kit. Is this something you would ever consider doing?”


  • Another approach when closing party. “Susie, 4 of your friends tonight have said they would do a show for you if you were to become a consultant. OR We have 4 bookings from your show tonight. Tell me, will you be going to all of those shows?” (she will probably respond with “yes”); then ask, “will you be spending money at those shows?” (probably yes response). “Then I have a great idea, since you’ll be going out those three nights anyway, I would rather see you make money than spend money. We could order your kit and you could go and do those shows and make money instead of spending money. What do you think?”


By the time you have mentioned it that many times, she will be more likely be open to the opportunity.



  • Because they like YOU.
  • Because they like the product.
  • Because the product meets a need
  • For “Edu-tainment”
  • Because they like and trust you and/or the company.

We’re going to talk today about the lifeline of your Jamberry business… Bookings. Without them, you’re out of business. With plenty of them, you’ll never spend a minute worrying about where your next party will come from. That is an AWESOME feeling!

Questions to ask yourself to explore why you may not be getting as many bookings as you’d like:

  • Do I keep my demo brief enough that I don’t overwhelm my guests?
  • If I were asked to do what I ask my Hosts to do, would I find the requests to be reasonable?
  • Do I mention our Host Rewards during my demo in a way that makes people want to book their own party?
  • Do I recognize my host for a job well done in front of her friends?
  • Do I have specific desings that remind me to talk about the booking opportunity? (Link your favorite designs or samples to remind you to sprinkle booking and recruiting seeds throughout your demo)
  • Do I remind guests that each demo is different, so they’ll be excited to see something new?
  • Do my demos include time-saving tips and ideas, so that I’m adding service to what I sell?
  • Do I manage my demos in a way that allows the audience to feel like participants instead of spectators?
  • Do I resist the temptation to be “one of the guests” (sampling food, chatting about kids, etc.) and maintain myself as a Professional Consultant?
  • When I see that a guest has circled or shown interest in many designs, but only ordered a few, do I talk with her about hosting a party?
  • Do I tell guests that “hosts don’t pay full price for anything”?
  • When I have a Past Host in my audience, do I give her a chance to point out what products she earned, and remind her that she has a 50% discount (if the party she is attending booked from hers and reaches $150 n sales), as a testimonial of our Host Plan?
  • Do I sell the booking opportunity as enthusiastically as I sell the wraps?
  • Do I tell guests how to let me know they’d like to host a party?
  • Am I ready for immediate bookings, with invitations or prepared host packets?
  • Have I practiced what to say to increase interest in booking a party?
  • Am I someone who a host is proud to have in her home and introduce to her guests (remembering personal appearance, treating people with respect, cleaning up after myself, being organized)?
  • Do I tell my Hosts that our product line changes twice a year and invite her to re-book?
  • When I present the benefits of hosting a party, do I include the FUN and EASE, in addition to the company’s Host Plan?
  • Do I offer a full service check out?

What is the MAGIC FORMULA for getting plenty of bookings? FUN & INFORMATIVE demos! A crowd of 20 people all laughing and carrying on… and no bookings = a little too much fun. It was just a party and they didn’t go away feeling they learned anything. A quiet crowd, fighting to stay awake = too much like a lecture, and not enough interactive fun. Find a comfortable balance between the two and you’ll do great!




The key to booking a fuller calendar is to create a sense of urgency: “I only have two dates open”


At conference, Belinda Ellsworth taught to always know your next two available dates. The last thing you want to do is ask them when they want to have their party. Instead say, “my next two available dates are ________ and _________ . . . which would work best for you?”


The biggest key of all is to get on the phone. People usually don’t respond to mailers or emails. Those who are getting on the phone and connecting with past customers, host and those who filled out survey slips at parties and vendor events are finding plenty of business.



“Hi Sharon, this is ______ and I met you at Susie’s Jamberry Nails party (county fair, women’s expo, grocery store line… etc).  How are you enjoying your ________ (any product they purchased or sample you shared with them) that you purchased at Susie’s party?  Wait for a response. If they had difficulty with their sample or have yet to try their order, this is a time that you can reach out and offer help. We constantly hear from consultants that are consistent in customer follow-up say, “At first, they were discouraged because they couldn’t figure out or forgot how to apply the nail wraps. They were excited at the party, but their excitement fizzled when they received their order and didn’t put them on 9or had difficulty putting them on. Once they knew how to apply them, they ordered more!” We often hear that they are applying them without heat or heating the design side and not the adhesive side which activates the adhesive and makes the wrap pliable for a good application.


“Hi Sharon, this is ______ and I met you at Susie’s Jamberry Nails party (county fair, women’s expo, grocery store line… etc).  I’ve been thinking of you. I know you fell in love with several designs from our Garden Party line. Well, we just added 20 new designs in that category plus over 100 more new designs for the Fall. I’d love to show them to you.” or “I noticed when you are at Susie’s party you marked on your drawing slip that you might like to earn some products for free. You are in luck! We just came out with a new catalog and have over a 100 new designs that you and your friends are sure to love.”


If you offer a date that is really close in, you may hear . . . “oh, I couldn’t put something together that quickly” . . . then you need to overcome that objection with . . . “can I share with you why you might want to reconsider; some of my most successful demos/parties happen with 2-5 days of booking them, here’s why . . . you don’t even need to mail invitations, just throw it out on Facebook, or do a quick evite to your friends and family, and most importantly, give your friends a quick call.  Guess what? They will know what they are doing in 2 days, more so than in 2 weeks or a month!  What do you think, should I go ahead and mark you down and we can decide on a fun theme like “Girl’s Night Out” so you can start sharing with your friends!”



  • Past Hosts who had a successful party with you. Let them know that when you saw the new designs, you thought of them immediately .


  • Customers who marked on their Prize Drawing slip that they may be interested in hosting a party.


  • Customers who placed an order. Thank them for their past order, let them know you were thinking of them and that we have new fall designs. Because of all the excitement over the new fall designs you are booking up fast, but you would love to work with her and help her earn some free products.





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