Building Your Team


Trying to build your team?  AWESOME!!!  That is THE best way to earn an excellent income through Jamberry!!  Here are some tips for helping you build your team.

Who should you recruit?

It’s easy to say EVERYONE…but that’s not the answer.  If you focus on the people who have a peaked interest you will have more success and more time to dedicate to sharing the Jamberry opportunity with someone who is genuinely interested!  I ask EVERY single hostess.  How?  I plant the seed in the beginning.  The new consultant kit credit is a great way to break that ice into the conversation of them becoming a consultant.  A little whisper if you will. 😉  Remember a $250 party they earn a $25 kit credit and a $350 party they earn a $50 kit credit.  That’s all you need to tell them.  Let them ask the questions at that point.  I also mention hosting/joining my team in every party.  I will sometimes even PM some of the guests who participated a lot in the party about it or who expressed any interest.  A PM goes a long way!!  If Becky had not PM’d me I wouldn’t be here!  I toyed with the idea, but needed her guidance and answers to my questions to help me confirm my decision and make it happen!!

When recruiting a hostess….

Always, always, always let her know that any parties booked from her party will go to her!!!  Even if they fill out your form, after she joins just cancel the parties and have them sign up to host under her.  You WANT to give your recruit a GOOD start to her Jamberry journey.  It comes full circle in the bigger picture!!!  Same with recruiting during her party.  I usually tell a potential recruit that I am happy to answer questions, but their friend who is hosting the current party was thinking about signing up and they should definitely sign up under their friend if she does.  If she doesn’t, then I’d be happy to sponsor them!

When recruiting a party guest…

Typically a party guest will request to host a party first, but some do outright want to join off the bat!  Most of my recruits were signed up to host a party first and then cancelled their party with me to immediately join my team.  Why do I recommend this to them?  Because of their “Launch Party”.  Wouldn’t they rather earn hostess rewards AND the commission on their party?  Some don’t – and that’s totally fine if they want you to host their party and try to earn the kit credit and then sign up.  But many find that joining out right is worth it.  They can easily earn the cost of the kit back with their launch party and then some!  I sure wish I had done that!!  My party had $1100 in sales that I missed out on!  But I had no idea at that point that I’d become a consultant. 😉  That’s why I stress it so much though!

Joining for the discount…

Have someone who just LOVES Jamberry (Jam Addict) who you think would make a great consultant but says they don’t have time or can’t make the commitment?  Tell them about our “Hobbyist” role.  Hobbyists can place orders, see their order history and see their commission history in their limited website and backend.  Their only requirement is to maintain $600 in PRV yearly and their own personal purchases count!!!  This is a great option for someone who wants to enjoy the discount and sell occasionally to friends and family.  Don’t be disappointed when someone wants to do this!!  More than likely they will see the opportunity and they could become a rockstar consultant!!! 😉  Make sure your hobbyist places a regular order and enjoys the discount in the form of at least the 30% commission back (so their order counts as PRV for them!!!).

Want some inspiration on WHY team building is so important???  This blog post is a home run in my book and really lit a fire under me and that “lightbulb moment” was HUGE!!!

DOWNLOAD: Grow Your Business Through Sponsoring

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